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This Pastel Pink Wonderland Is the Best Place to Learn How to Bake

This Instagrammable studio has everything you need for your next baking project!
Baking is one of the top quarantine trends that has been helping people cope with being stuck inside their homes since March. There’s just something therapeutic about it! That said, if you’re one of the many who already tried your hand at

Choco Butternut Crinkles Exist and Here's How to Make Them

Meet your next baking project!
Dunkin' Donuts' famous Choco Butternut doughnuts and munchkins are a Pinoy merienda favorite. There's a low-carb version of the classic treat as well as an affordable recipe that you can make at home. But if you still can't get enough of Choco Butternut anything, check out Tiktok user @russelfoodstory's Choco Butternut-inspired crinkles!<blockquote class="tiktok-embed"

OMG! This Online Shop Sells the Prettiest Pink Baking Tools

Love baking and all things pink?
We're pretty sure most of you have played chef or baker at least once during the quarantine, and in case you haven't yet, we found something that might just inspire you to actually make something in the kitchen: Goodies by E is an online shop that

Here’s What Kathryn Bernardo Has Been Up to During Quarantine

She's been keeping busy with simple hobbies you can take cues from!
We’re used to seeing Kathryn Bernardo’s colorful life on Instagram, from her wanderlust-inducing photos to her on-point OOTDs. But what does the 24-year-old actress do when she’s holed up at home? Quarantine has everyone whipping up dalgona coffee to filming laborious TikTok videos,

This Easy Banana Bread Recipe Is Perfect for Newbie Bakers

Want to join the banana bread craze?
Bananas are one of those rare fruits where we actually look forward to their becoming overripe. Why? Because you get to make banana bread, of course! The quickbread is a crowd-pleaser for a reason—it’s soft, sweet, and most recipes are easy to

Cooking in the Time of COVID-19: How the ECQ Introduced Me to My Own Kitchen

Here’s why all your friends are baking banana bread—and why you probably should, too!
"Check in on all your friends baking banana bread," says a meme that's currently going viral on Instagram. It's funny because it's pretty accurate. I have seen at least five people on my timeline showing off their own versions of banana bread—marbled

Here's Where to Buy Baking Supplies If You're in the Mood to Bake

Ready to make your own pandesal?
People have started to bake during the quarantine either out of necessity, cravings, boredom, or all of the above. Surprisingly enough, people aren't just baking brownies or cookies, they're also baking loaves of bread, from the simple loaf and pandesal to the more

5 Setting Powders That Will Make Your Foundation Look Amazing

For a budge-proof, airbrushed look.
Setting sprays might be all the rage right now, but setting powders are still king for helping makeup last longer. They don’t run out quickly, are easier to apply to specific areas, and have a longer lasting effect. The only real struggle

5 Things To Do On Your Longer Than Usual Summer Break

Lest your brain rot.
(JW / LTDStone)I’ve experienced two 5-month-long summers in my lifetime - my first before high school, and my second one is happening now. With schools all across the nation switching their calendars, more and more students are experiencing the longest summers of