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% Arabica's Merch Includes Chic Minimalist White Sneakers and Bags

The cafe's merch fits right in with its sleek interiors.
Kyoto-born coffee shop % Arabica is best known for its tasty brews as well as its sleek, clean-cut interiors and chill ambiance. It's no surprise that a fresh cup of coffee is made more soul-soothing when enjoyed inside the café's serene atmosphere,

10 Designer Backpacks That Are Worth Investing In

Who says you don't need a backpack when you're all grown up?
Gone are the days when backpacks were associated with pigtails, high socks, and shiny leather shoes. Now, backpacks are seen on anyone from fashion influencers to stylish women on the street. Fashion houses have long been making their own renditions of the

6 Classy and Minimalist Backpacks You Can Use Everyday

These slim picks have enough space for a laptop or a tablet.
Backpacks are undeniably helpful if you're someone who carries way too many things on a daily basis. But if you avoid using them particularly because they tend to appear too bulky or overly casual, these slim options below might just convince you to finally get one! You don't have to sacrifice

This Teeny-Tiny JanSport Backpack Exists and We're Obsessed

Honey, they shrunk the backpack!
Perhaps it's true that the best things in life come in small packages, but you know what's even better? Large items shrunk down to a tiny size. Here's some solid proof: if you're a fan of JanSport's classic Super Break backpack, you'll

Stylish Back-to-School Backpacks for Adults

No one is too old for a trusty backpack.
I've been out of school for years now, and up to this date I am still in love with backpacks. I mean, what's not to love? They come in all shapes and sizes, they're super stylish, and can easily fit all your