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Avocado 101 with Lauren Reid

Plus, a quick and yummy snack recipe!
Avocados...Where do I start?! Aside from all the many health benefits that come with this beautiful fruit, it is just SO delicious and so, so versatile! Filipinos love eating it sweet, whereas I've come to love it savory. My father would make

WATCH: 3 Ways to Eat Avocado

How much do you love avocados?
If there’s a fruit we’re currently obsessed with, it would have to be avocados. Ever since we found out that the creamy fruit is actually a super food that provides over twenty essential nutrients, we got hooked. Below are fool-proof and easy-to-make

How To Be An Instagram Star

With 1.2 million followers, Kristina Bazan of teaches us that it's all about having Rockstuds, macarons and a photographer-boyfriend.
Oh, her. That was my initial reaction when I googled 21-year-old fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Kristina Bazan of Switzerland-based I recognized her doll-like face from my Instagram Popular page. My visceral reaction was like, “I wish I had super loaded parents