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Ask An Editor: Is There A Safe Way To Tan?

Maybe. But you won't know until you click!
We all enjoy a little sun kissed action here and there, but with tanning posing as your skin’s public enemy number one, it’s hard not to feel guilty when you acquire a little color. Tanning is a process that happens when your

Ask An Editor: Spf 101

Sharpen your SPF skills because we're in for a hot summer! Let our infographic help you.
For those of you that shun the sun, listen up because we’ve got the ultimate guide to enjoying your time by the shore. Check out our infographic below to get the most out of your sunscreen! Image by Kar Abola.

Ask An Editor: What's In My 7107 Bag?

Clueless on what to bring to your first music festival? Click here!
Q: I'm going to my first ever music festival this weekend and I have no idea what to bring! Can you share me your list so I won't overpack (because that happens to me all. the. time.)? A: I totally get what you

Ask An Editor: How To Organize Your Closet

Can't take the madness that is your closet? Clear the clutter with these easy peasy tips.
Q: I always find it hard to come up with outfits in the morning because my closet is too cluttered! I don't have that much space in my room for a big closet so every time I try to fix it, it

Ask An Editor: Do Non-foaming Cleansers Really Work?

The lowdown on cleansing your skin sans suds
Do non-foaming cleansers reall work?The answer is a big YES. Synonymous to the sensitive-skinned, the non-foaming cleanser’s claim to fame is its ability to cleanse without stripping skin of much-needed moisture. Without chemical agents to help create a foamy lather, the cleanser

Ask An Editor: Finding The Right Brow Shade

Frame the windows to your soul with the right brow color.
People are perplexed when it comes to brows. From shaping, plucking, and coloring, there’s a lot of things that could go wrong in between. Though most of it is trial and error, we’re here to make it easier for you to find

Hot Hair Tools

Here's the lowdown on hair prettifying technology.
Ahh, hot tools. They’re probably categorized under every girl’s Beauty Sins folder, but despite the damage they wreak on fragile strands, we still turn to them time and time again to achieve flawless hair. But with new-fangled technology introducing foreign lingo like

Ask An Editor: How To Avoid Getting Blisters

We list down 3 steps to answer every girl's feet dilemma.
Q:I always end up buying a nice pair of shoes that turn out to be unbelievably uncomfortable. Most of the time I end up getting blisters because of them, what should I do?A: Ever heard of the saying “sacrifice for beauty?” If

Ask An Editor: Where To Shop Online

We list down 7 of our go-to international online stores.
 Q: I’m an avid online shopper but at the same time I’m also scared to try out international stores. What sites would assure me of getting good quality and safe shipping of brands or items that we don’t have here.A: Last month,

Ask An Editor: How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente discusses the solutions to banishing acne scars.
Q: How do I get rid of acne scars? A: We get this asked very often, the quest for finding the answer to clean perfect skin has been going on since forever. Most Filipinos are born with oily skin and it's no wonder

Ask An Editor: Is Online Shopping Safe?

Associate Market Editor Nikki Santiago answers your web-shopping woes with some helpful tips.
Q: Online shopping seems really convenient, especially with the horrendous traffic and unpredictable weather that I dare not brave. But is it really safe?A: I cannot say that online shopping is 100% safe, mainly because you deal with different merchants and there’s

Ask An Editor: How To Wear Camo & Studs At Work

Associate Fashion Editor Kabbie Rodriguez Alipio teaches you how to put a corporate spin on camo and studs.
Q: I noticed that camouflage and studs are trending these days, but I really don’t know how to wear streetwear-inspired pieces at work. How do I make it office-friendly without looking too casual?A: Dressing up for work is all about creating a