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We Asked 10 Beauty Bloggers to Reveal Their Best Drugstore Finds

Underrated and affordable finds, according to beauty junkies.
We can never turn down a good drugstore find, especially when it's coupled with a glowing review. And who better to ask reviews from than people who test products on the daily? Below, 10 beauty bloggers their best affordable discoveries that deserve

Here’s What the Cool Girls are Drinking at Starbucks Right Now

Find out the go-to Starbucks orders of Camille Co, Klea Pineda, and more!
Everyone has that one Starbucks default order they've got memorized like the palm of their hand, no matter how obnoxiously long, like an "Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4-Pump, Sugar Free, Cinnamon, Dolce Soy Skinny Latte, upside—" well, you get the point. Most

Here's the Easiest Way to Achieve Soft Curls with an Iron

Let Aryanna show you!
When I’m in a rush and need to look put together in under 10 minutes, this is my go-to hair hack. I swear by this curling technique because it doesn’t require any hair-curling experience or skill at all, no joke! Step 1: Make

An Easy Mascara Hack for Longer, Fuller Lashes

You can use ANY mascara to achieve this look!
I never leave the house without wearing mascara. I feel like my look is incomplete without it. Personally, I find that it gives that added flare to my face and makes my eyes pop! Wearing mascara can instantly change the game and

Try Out This Summer Makeup Look for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Shine bright and stay glowy.
Highlighter has always been one of my favorite beauty products. From cream to liquid to powder formulas, I drool over the shimmer it brings to my face. I find myself highlighting all the high points of my face: my cheeks, the tip

Aryanna Epperson Is OPM TV's Newest Host

She'll bring you the latest from the OPM scene!
Original Pinoy Music (OPM) has found a new home in TV and Aryanna Epperson is here to guide us through it.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/aryannaeppersonIntroducing OPM TV, Viva Channel's newest TV hub that will turn the spotlight on the local music scene. "OPM TV is the

Style Bible Dressed Up with Jenni and Aryanna Epperson

See how the mother-daughter duo prepped up for the Preview Ball.
We all have different sartorial preferences but more often than not, we can claim that our mothers have built the foundation for our love of fashion. Proof: The mother-daughter tandem of Jenni and Aryanna Epperson bespeaks the special bond they have especially

The Tinted Grid is the New Instagram Trend to Try

It's time to give your feed a makeover!
When it comes to Instagram, everyone has their own thing going on. While the battle between washed out and colorific grids is still very much apparent, another style seems to be succeeding in getting its own fair share of the spotlight. Introducing:

Aryanna Epperson is Mad About Ice Cream and Here's Proof!

We can’t get enough of #AryannasTravelingIceCream!
I have literally never met anyone who didn’t like ice cream. To say that it’s everybody’s comfort food would be an understatement—and, well, this is especially true for Aryanna Epperson. The up-and-coming It girl does not simply enjoy a scoop or two.

The Top 5 Celebrity Shofies of the Week

Sneakers for the win!
Put those painful heels to rest and slip into a comfy pair of sneakers as we list down our fave celebrity shofies of the week:Martine Cajucom@ilovemartineCan’t decide between black and white? Who says you have to choose? Keep it neutral with a

Faces to Watch: Aryanna Epperson and Sabina Gonzalez

Watch out for these It girls in the making.
Having a famous last name isn’t always easy. There’s always the pressure to follow in your parents’ footsteps, leaving you to decide whether to give in to it or to forge a path of your own. For Aryanna Epperson and Sabina Gonzalez,

The Best of 2015 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

See the stars who were dressed to kill.
Halloween only comes once in a year. It's the perfect excuse to dress up and be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. And when it comes to the 31st of October, we can always count on the stars to show up

6 Fresh Faces To Watch Out For This 2015

And the next Teen Queen is…
Need to refresh your roster of local talents to follow? From the new faces hosting your favorite shows to third generation members of showbiz dynasties, there’s a new crew springing into the scene and ready to take over your TV sets. Here are six