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Meet the Cutest Pets of Your Favorite Local Celebrities

They're too cute for words!
Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and from the looks of it, it seems Preview’s cover girls definitely agree. Of course, some of them have got even more than just dogs to love. That said, with the quarantine boring all of

The First Dog to Test Positive for COVID-19 Has Died

However, medical sources suggest that the cause of death could have also been due to its old age.
The first dog in the world to test positive for the coronavirus has died in Hong Kong, according to a report by South China Morning Post.The 17-year-old Pomeranian, whose owner is a recovered COVID-19 patient, passed away two days after it was

This is How You Can Help the Animals Near Taal Volcano

They're in need of rescuing, too.
With thousands of displaced residents following the "phreatic explosion" of Taal Volcano on January 12, a number of pet cats and dogs and farm animals have also been affected by this calamity. It is unfortunate that some pets were left behind during

Grab Now Offers a Special Service for You and Your Furry Friends

GrabPet is finally here for your furbabies!
We know just how hard it is to leave your pets behind. There's nothing more painful than shutting the front door while they look at you with big, pleading eyes—complete with soft whimpering—as the word "traitor" flashes in your mind. Guilt-tripping aside

Instagram Mood Of The Week: That Shady Creature

Sun's so bright, everything has to wear shades.
Last week we chanced upon this super cute ed from Highsnobiety that featured the coolest Dawgs of Summer, leaving us feeling shadier than ever.Grab your pet rabbit, your ratty old stuffed toy, or that pineapple in the kitchen and throw your favourite

Instagram Mood Of The Week: You Wild Thing

It's time you hear us roar (or bark).
A couple of party animals came out of hiding this weekend when a certain brown eyed model from a T.Swift video hit up the local club scene. While pictures of the crazy night seized to surface [sigh of relief], furry friends seemed to have

11 Trending Pets On Instagram

A menswear dog, a cat named after Andy Warhol, and more.
 Not only humans have the capabilities to go viral.  In recent years, animals have taken over feeds everywhere with their crazy antics and downright cuteness. Here are 10 animals that have brought their own unique sense of style and irresistible charm to