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Puma Is Launching "Animal Crossing" Sneakers and We Want Everything

Venture to New Horizons with these pastel-colored sneaks!
The bliss of spending afternoons on an island paradise where money falls from trees and dreamy acoustic tracks play in the background has made Animal Crossing such a captivating escape. The video game franchise was inextricably associated with the early days of

Uniqlo is Releasing An "Animal Crossing" Collection and We Want Everything

The line will include T-shirts, tote bags, and more!
Some time in mid- to early 2020, everyone and their mother decided to purchase a Nintendo Switch to cope with the cabin fever quarantine was cultivating. Shortly after, the widespread obsession with social-simulation video game series Animal Crossing ensued. If you were

Colourpop Is Launching an "Animal Crossing" Makeup Collection and We Want Everything

The products are inspired by Animal Crossing's most loved characters!
We can always count on Colourpop Cosmetics to have the cutest makeup collabs (remember their ultra-glittery Sailor Moon collection?), and they sure aren't breaking that streak this year! The American beauty brand is launching an Animal Crossing collection this week, which—spoiler alert—will definitely

This Filipina Gamer Made Mantou Buns Inspired by Animal Crossing

They look almost too adorable to eat!
The Animal Crossing fame continues to soar. Since its global release last March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been getting old and new gamers alike hooked and glued to their Nintendo Switch. And while most people are eager to get their

IKEA Just Recreated Their Catalog in Animal Crossing and We're Completely in Awe

Get ready to shop for furniture, Animal Crossing style!
You probably never thought this would ever happen, but here we are: IKEA just recreated their official 2021 catalog featuring—yup, you guessed it—Animal Crossing!The massive success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch platform has resulted in various brands eager

This Netizen Recreated Her Favorite K-Dramas in Animal Crossing

Her island has a K-drama theme and it's super adorable!
We all have different methods of coping during the quarantine. Among many others, watching K-dramas and playing games have become effective ways to alleviate stress and anxiety. That said, one Reddit user who goes by the username @fatkittycat3 seems to be having

FYI, You Can Now Get Paid to Be an Interior Designer for Animal Crossing

We're not kidding! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
If you’ve been passing the time this quarantine by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch, then perhaps you’ve been flexing your interior design skills as you make your little world more #aesthetic. Well, if you’re confident with your eye for