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10 Oscar-Nominated Films in 2022 That You Can Watch on Netflix

Catch up on these movies before the awards ceremony on March 28, 2022!
Do you remember the iconic La La Land and Moonlight Best Picture mix-up or Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win? The Academy Awards has surely announced a number of unexpected winners over the past years. More than surprises, though, viewers have also seen

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Back Together!

Or, well, they just never broke up.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's relationship has been a perennial headline since Stone's solo red carpet appearances - the Oscars, included.(Image via E! News)Rumors flew left and right that the couple, while not officially, had split for the time being. Several sources

A Closer Look At The Lumbersexuals

No, ladies, your boyfriends aren't growing their beard to play Santa Claus this Christmas.
It’s official─the guys have chucked out the moisturizer and are coming out of the woodwork. Forget about yesterday’s clean-shaven urban male in button-down shirts with narrow tie, because at the rate that it’s going, the reigning days of metrosexuals may soon be