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5 Influencer-Approved Pose Pegs if You're Shooting With a Film Camera

Don't want to look awkward in photos?
Since everybody’s circling back to the retro aesthetic these days, it seems like film’s making a comeback too, especially with so many people carrying disposable cameras wherever they go now. Film's unpredictability is part of its appeal but you really have to practice the

5 Shops Where You Can Buy the Quirkiest Specialty Film Rolls

Add some spice to your analog journey
It’s no secret that film photography is all the rage right now. From Zendaya’s analog snaps with beau Tom Holland to Joshua Garcia’s lowkey film account, no one can escape the irresistible charm of candid, grainy portraits shot with uncertainty. The hobby

8 Instagram Shops Where You Can Buy Film Cameras

Because film's not dead!
Analog cameras have been making a comeback these past few years. The distinct look of film, and the whole journey of having a roll of photographs digitized, has definitely grown the lomography community here in the Philippines. But because authentic analog cameras are both

Here's Where to Get Your Film Developed During Quarantine

Got film cameras sitting idly on your desks? This is your chance to get them developed!
If it hasn’t piqued your curiosity yet, film has been the photography trend to try these past few years. And for those who’ve tried it, you’ll know that there’s truly something special about capturing moments behind the lenses of a film camera.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Vintage Camera

Film cameras have a character that digital just can't replicate.
There’s something about vintage cameras that digital just can’t replicate. It has a character lost on the high-tech equipment of today. The wear-and-tear only adds value, and the older the camera, the more sought after it is.Film photography has been revived in