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Here's Why Everyone's Talking About "Modern Love" and Why You Should Too

Here’s what you need to know about the TV adaptation of the long-running, crowd favorite New York Times column.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the New York Times' Modern Love essay column has been the talk of the town since it launched late in 2004. So you can only imagine readers’ delight when Amazon announced that they’re creating a web

Here's What You Can Do to Help in Light of the Amazon Forest Fires

There's no effort too small to save the earth.
We’ve all heard of the devastating widespread forest fires in the Amazon, an essential rainforest that houses the most diverse ecosystem in the world. According to research, it’s made of up an estimated 390 billion individual trees, a number that has already

The World's Largest Rainforest Is on Fire and Here's Why We're Alarmed

The Amazon is currently burning at the highest recorded rate since 2013.
Fire season has officially begun for the Amazon Rainforest. This is said to typically occur from July to September because of the dry season, and usually stops by November. However, nothing seems ordinary about the forest fire this year, and the rate

Women in Japan Are Protesting Against Wearing Heels to Work

#KuToo Movement is in motion.
Start your week with all the latest happenings in the world of fashion:Women in Japan are rallying against a "de facto requirement" on footwear, which basically states that female government employees should wear heels to work. Actor and freelance writer Yumi Ishikawa

You Can Now Easily Shop from Amazon

Shopping from international sites made easy!
It's time to expand your shopping horizons as Globe partners up with Amazon to provide you with a more convenient way to order from the online shopping giant. In collaboration with Johnny Air Plus, Globe hopes to ease the all too familiar