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Camille Co's Beauty Routine Just Got Featured on Allure!

The blogger shared her beauty ritual on the magazine's Instagram stories.
It's no secret that Camille Co is an ever-reliable source of style and beauty inspo. Remember when she got back-to-back features for her NYFW looks? Well, this time around, the blogger scored a beauty feature on Allure! No biggie.Camille took over the magazine's Instagram

Brow Lamination Is the New Secret to Getting Feathery Eyebrows

All in the name of bushy arches!
In today's extreme beauty news, there's a new brow trend taking over Instagram. Dubbed as "brow lamination," this procedure can apparently grant you semi-permanent feathery brows! We're pretty sure you're interested in anything that can help you score bushy, brushed-up arches, so

Are You Guilty of Age Shaming?

It's about time we welcome the new age of beauty.
“OMG, you’re 35? But you look so good for your age!”I think it’s obvious by now that statements like this should not be regarded as a compliment. It’s age-shaming. Can’t someone just look good—no matter how old they are? Think about it:

See the Evolution of Women's Brows Over the Years

A century of brows on fleek!
If you think our fascination for having a strong brow game started only recently, you are dead wrong. Way before Cara Delevingne made headlines with her bushy, on-fleek brows, women were already obsessed with grooming their arches. Try to picture the 1920s

The Most Popular Lipstick Trends of the Century

Nope, Kylie Jenner did not start the ultra matte lippie trend.
Lipstick has a come a long way since the time of the ancient Mesopotamians, who used pulverized gemstones to paint their lips. In fact, the classic red lip also dates back to the time of Cleopatra who used crushed ants and carmine