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Naomi Campbell Is Breaking the Internet with Her Anti-Coronavirus Airport OOTD

The supermodel is not messing around with these COVID-19 threats.
The worldwide threat posed by COVID-19 has led to school suspensions and cancellation of public gatherings, even managing to ease the infamous Manila traffic. That said, it comes as no surprise that supermodel Naomi Campbell is taking no chances as she makes headlines with

How to Pose With Your Luggage at the Airport

Nail that airport OOTD!
Going somewhere special? Psych up your 'gram followers for your next vacay with a well-shot airport OOTD! Believe it or not, your luggage is actually your best bet for a statement accessory right now. To prove our point, here are 10 pose pegs

10 Celebrity-Approved Airport OOTDs to Try the Next Time You Fly

Cute and comfy pegs coming your way.
If you've got a plane to catch—and, most importantly, stay on for the next x hours—then you've got to strive for optimum comfort. That said, there's no reason to forget all about being chic! Here, we've rounded up 10 celeb-approved fits for

I Wore Heels to My Long-Haul Flight and I Don’t Regret It

I survived it!
I’ve always believed in dressing up for a flight. It may not make sense to some people considering how confining the cramped seats are and amenities unappealing that most travelers feel inclined throwing on a comfortable outfit with little regard for how

10 Breezy Pants You Can Wear to the Airport for Absolute Comfort

You can still be stylish as you jet off to your next destination!
Traveling in style is essential for any Preview girl. But with all the long lines and hours of waiting at the airport, fashion-forward gals find the task quite a challenge. However, that's no excuse to dress like a slob. Here are 10 breezy

5 Comfy-Chic Outfits to Wear on a Long Flight

Practical yet stylish!
What should a girl look for in her choice of airport attire? Comfort and style. Never settle for looking less than your best, even on a long-haul flight! After all, you never know who's going to be on that plane with you

5 Things You Should Never, Ever Wear on a Long Flight

Avoid any travel pains.
So you've got your visa ready, passport packed, a plane to catch, and...nothing to wear. We'd advise you not to overthink it too much, but let's be real--you and I are the kind of girls who positively live for any excuse to

LOTD: Sienna Miller Teaches Us a Grownup Way to Wear Overalls

These denims aren't just for school girls.
We've had our fair share of celebs sporting swoon-worthy airport OOTDs, but have you ever seen denim overalls look this first-class? Watch as Sienna Miller turns the pre-school staple (which we all wore back in our OshKosh days) chic, chic, chic.IMAGE Getty

5 Cool Yet Comfy Outfits You Can Wear to the Airport

Fly in style.
Airport dressing is a tedious exercise in meshing form with function. Trust us, you do not want to look sloppy getting off of that plane, jetlag be damned! The key is to foresee—will those shoes be easy to slip off should the

7 Stylish Airports Around the World

For delayed flights and OOTD shots.
Fashionistas all over the globe know that even what you wear to the airport matters. We’ve learned that from the off-duty styles of our favorite models and celebrities. But one thing we tend to overlook is the location itself. Yep, the airport.

Celebrity Airport Looks Totally Worth Stealing

Match your sense of wanderlust with take off looks worth waiting on arrival.
Whether you’re catching a redeye flight to outlying endpoints or planning a domestic retreat, every jetsetter knows that it’s not the destination that matters but what you wear getting there.Sure, comfort may be key when in transit but that need not mean

The Globetrotter

Soar into the skies in comfort with these four sure-hit looks.
Early morning, late night, or seven hour flights can get extra tiring when you’re not comfortable in what you're wearing. Add delayed departures, crying babies, and turbulent flights to the mix and you’re sure to look haggard by the time you get