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The 10 Cheapest European Countries to Fly to from Manila

What are you waiting for?
Air travel has come a long way. From being a luxury, it has turned into something more commercial and accessible. It's a big factor why Filipinos have become one of the top travelers in Asia. According to a report by Visa, growing

This Island Resort in Palawan Boasts of Water Villas with Glass Floors

You don't need to fly to the Maldives to experience this luxury retreat.
The inspiration for the lush, 18-hectare Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort started from something—or rather someone—fairly small: a 10-year-old girl with an incredible ambition to create paradise. The young girl’s dream soon became her father’s goal—and eventually, an achievement. At the time of

How to Save Money When You Travel to Europe, Africa, and More

Tick these off your travel bucket list!
Chal Lontoc-del Rosario, CEO of Jeron Travel and Tours Corporation, says you don't need to be loaded with cash to whisk yourself away to somewhere fabulous. She offers insider tips that will have you vacaying in the world's most exotic getaways—at a

7 Must-Visit Places in Auckland, New Zealand

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Cuisine and couture, wilderness and wineries: Auckland, New Zealand is where you can spoil yourself silly, all while being surrounded by nature's finest—tropical jungle, stunning beaches, and endless ocean views. The city is booming as Kiwis come for work and play, which

3 Must-Have Apps for Finding the Cheapest Flights

Your next adventure is a few taps away!
Those days of being hunched over your laptop searching for cheap flights are over. There's an app for that now—in fact, there are tons of them. Scoring the best airline deals has never been this easy! So travel bugs, read on for

Here's Why You Need to Put on a Face Mask During a Long-Haul Flight

Don't forget to pack one in your carry-on bag!
In case you didn’t know yet, air travel is a wrecking ball in the beauty department. Low cabin humidity sucks moisture out of your skin, which results to surprise zits popping out of nowhere. Long-haul flights are especially worse (say you’re headed