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These Pimple-Healing Bandages Are Going Viral on Tiktok

They're the supersized pimple patches you need to try, stat!
Pimple patches are a godsend for anyone who's looking for a quick blemish fix. In just one night, these spot-covering stickers soothe and flatten active acne while it protects it from external irritants such as dust and dirt. It really is one of

How to Effectively Fade Pimple Marks, According to a Dematologist

She also shares tips on how to properly treat different forms of acne!
If you've been struggling with adult acne in your 30s, you already know that dealing with pimples is only half the battle. Oftentimes, these zits leave behind more skin issues: acne scars and dark spots. This tends to happen because mature skin heals slower

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Hormonal Acne

Don't let those breakouts stress you out.
If you suddenly find yourself breaking out, don't panic. A quick round of face mapping can tell you exactly why your skin is freaking out and how you can fix it. A zit on your forehead, for example, could mean that you

Here's Why Your Anti-Acne Products Aren't Working

Are you applying your spot treatments correctly?
Spot treatments are a godsend. They banish the pimple by reducing its redness and inflammation without the risk of deep scarring and infection. They speed up the zit's healing process so you won't be tempted to squeezy the nasty red bump just

10 Acne Patches That Can Heal and Protect Your Pimples

Perfect for pimple emergencies!
While we agree that leaving your breakouts alone (A.K.A. not touching them) is great advice, the existence of acne patches proves that we can all do better than nothing. These face stickers go directly on top of an active or freshly-popped pimple

This Overnight Pimple Treatment Hack Is a Total Life-Saver

Acne-prone girl approved!
You've heard of acne stickers—the little patches that can quickly banish a zit. These babies, unfortunately, are quite elusive. They're always out of stock! But thanks to our IG stalking skills, we stumbled upon Michelle Hoang's DIY version that might just be

How to Get Over Your Acne-Prone Skin

There is no such thing as forever—especially pimples.
Next to fat-shaming and slut-shaming, we have skin-shaming. Pimples and acne scars are just…well, spots, but sometimes they also act as an invitation for criticism from the people around you. My acne-shaming story started out like this: A friend and I were doodling

Here's How Birth Control Pills Are Saving My Mental Health

You can't take them away from me.
Let me preface this by saying that I will not take the worst hit if birth control pills disappear. I might have it better than others in many ways, but at this point, no woman should stay silent anymore. No matter how

8 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pimple Injection

Thinking of getting this easy acne solution? Read this first!
If you find yourself facing a huge zit right before an important event, waiting for the plump pimple to subside just won't do. Popping it is also a big no-no. So what are you left to do? We talk to board-certified dermatologist and

5 Different Types of Acne and How to Treat Them

We break it down for you!
Acne plagues a lot of women. It's a burden we struggle with that leaves us heavily conscious of how we look. But fret no more, because below, we’ve got everything you need to know about your zits. We break down the common