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The Influencer-Approved Nighttime Korean Skincare Routine For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

Dealing with maskne and blemishes? Then try this skincare influencer's 7-step Korean skincare routine!
The rise of "maskne" has definitely made more influencers and celebrities normalize pimples, the appearance of pores, and blemishes in general. True enough, glass skin isn't as easily achievable as your favorite Korean pop stars and actresses make it seem. Getting and

8 Reasons Your Anti-Acne Products Aren't Working

Let's decode.
We understand the anticipation of anti-acne skincare products to work their magic. However, like all things in life, we must be patient and wait for the pimples to slowly go away. But if you think the process is taking too long, you

This Is How You Should Be Treating Adult Acne

It's possible!
cThe world was flat, once upon a time: pre-high school, pre-puberty, pre-bumps-on-our-faces, pre-padding-in-formerly-planar places. Back then, hormones were to blame for any and all lady lumps. But today, it seems modern-day stressors are causing a spat of physical eruptions that were once the

3 Other Beauty Uses of Aspirin

Use it to clear out acne!
It’s easy to pop a pill to relieve the discomfort brought on by muscle pains, headaches, and the common cold. But did you know that an aspirin has actually more uses than just being a medicinal remedy? Here we round up some