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Work Wear Diaries: Dr. Aivee Aguilar-teo

The metro's best dressed doctor is now in.
There is nothing glamorous about a doctor’s job, let alone the journey they embarked to get where they are. They’re practically on call round the clock and have to rush as quickly as possible each time they get an emergency call. But

Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Georgina Wilson

What does a girl like George wear to work? Find out here.
Yesterday we gave you a peep into the office wardrobe of Sunnies Studio’s Creative Director Martine Cajucom. Moving along, Marketing Director Georgina Wilson shows us how she dresses for work as she shares to us how it’s like to be working in

Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Bea Soriano And Eric Dee

Meet the stylish couple that completes the quartet running Sunnies Studios.
They say sharing is caring and who better share a business with than your better half? Bea Soriano and Eric Dee share more than just the workload when it comes to running Sunnies Studios; they share style tips with each other, too.

Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Martine Cajucom

Sunnies Studios' Creative Director talks about her wardrobe staples and hoarding tendencies.
If you’re a follower of Sunnies Studios on Instagram then you’ve probably double tapped those adorably stylized posts on their grids. Another thing worth double tapping on are the #OOTDs that their four big bosses post.Giving a new spin on our Work

Work Wear Diaries: Zerline And Michelle Chan

Learn how rock corporate casual courtesy of the women behind Quirks and Le Bunny Bleu.
In celebration of Chinese New Year, we bring you two stylish chinita ladies that we love: Zerline Chan Ortiz-Luis and Michelle Chan. These two women are the girls behind Quirks Novelties and Curiousities, a lifestyle shop that sells unique and quirky items

Work Wear Diaries: The Women Of L'indochine

Sisters-in-law and business partners Leona and Charlene show us how to inject an Asian flair to your everyday wardrobe.
They say that the key to a successful business lies on the owner’s passion for the brand, and that’s perfectly the case for Leona Lavina-Panutat and Charlene Panutat-Carlos, the two women behind home and lifestyle store, L’Indochine. What started out as a

Work Wear Diaries: Nikki Tang

This businesswoman shows that being busy is not an excuse to looking drab.
That feeling of being challenged to accomplish a task entrusted by her mother was what started it all for businesswoman, Nikki Tang. It sounds like one of those nerve-racking initiations when joining a collegiate organization except that this would be the “mission”

Work Wear Diaries: Michelle Fontelera

We take a peek at the closet of the hip mom behind Zen Zest scents.
She started experimenting with scent formulations in, well, her kitchen when she was just 23 years old; now Zen Zest has more than a hundred outlets in major malls nationwide. We think that makes up a true success story.Michelle Fontelera, founder and

Work Wear Diaries: Georcelle Dapat

G-Force's Artistic Director shows how to rock street style the crazy, sexy, cool way.
She’s feisty, she’s cool, and she’s a force to reckon with. The woman behind the “G” in G-Force has certainly made her mark in the entertainment scene, spearheading the most sought-after dance group who brought the art of movement to the next

Work Wear Diaries: Andrea Amado

Between running a bakery to overseeing a makeup brand, this soft-spoken businesswoman lets her personal style speak volumes.
If you’ve ever been to an Etude House and/or a Tous les Jours store, which both fall under one company, it’s easy to get a sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice feeling. Although the former is a beauty hub while the latter is a bakery, both shops

Work Wear Diaries: Holly Chang

Style Bible takes a peek at the young entrepreneur’s wardrobe.
Starting a business without any business background isn’t exactly next to impossible. Holly Chang did it at age 23 and opened Wink Laser & Wax Studio at Bonifacio High Street Central last year, banking on her interest in beauty and skin care and

Work Wear Diaries: Anika Salceda-wycoco

This lady turns predictable workwear into powerfully unique ensembles.
The auto industry is probably one of the most male-dominated industries we have. However, at Ford Philippines, there’s a young lady—the youngest member of its management team at 29, in fact—that sits on the vanguard of the company’s communications department. Anika Salceda-Wycoco,

Work Wear Diaries: Congressional Spouses

Style Bible turns the spotlight on the spouses of the members of our House of Representatives.
Most politicians keep a high profile and are almost always in the public eye; however, on numerous occasions we also take notice of their better halves. So today, we’re turning the spotlight on the wives of some of our Congressmen.Not known to

Work Wear Diariess: The Women Of Rockwell

The stylish ladies of Rockwell Land show us what power dressing is all about.
When it comes to office attire (we’re talking corporate here), black always works—a suit, a dress, trousers or a skirt. But who says you can’t wear leopard print to the office? Or perhaps an emerald green dress?The definition of power dressing has

Work Wear Diaries: Katherine Cheng

The woman behind K & Company proves that real style is ageless.
I admire women who have identified a style that works for them, and that’ll safely see them through their 20s, 30s, right up to their 40s and beyond. There are a number who understand that it’s not what you wear, but how

Work Wear Diaries: The Women Of Rustan's

The esteemed ladies behind the luxury department store share their holiday picks.
Gone are the days when women stayed at home to cook and take care of the kids. Of course, they are still happy to oblige nowadays; however, they do these on top of other things—the new breed is domesticated, powerful and stylish all

Work Wear Diaries: Kaye Garcia

The retail owner lets Style Bible take a peek at her closet.
Today, we turn the spotlight on mom-preneur Kaye Garcia. We admit, it came as quite a shock to find out that she already has three kids what with her svelte figure, baby face, a pair of smiling eyes coupled with a very

Work Wear Diaries: Dimples Romana

This gorgeous multi-hyphenate shares about her personal style and tips on dressing!
Dimples Romana is a working mom, she's in Showtime every morning, does a couple of print shoots and taping for shows in between, plus she also spends time helping her daughter with her school work and bonding with her husband. She's really

Work Wear Diaries: EstÉe Lauder Group

We look into the beauty industry for a group of fashionistas.
Between work and home and the many events these lovely ladies attend as part of their job, it seems the marriage of fashion and beauty has worked well with this group. We’re talking about the fashionistas behind the Philippine arm of prestigious

Work Wear Diaries: Georgina Wilson

Take style notes from a day in the life of Häagen-Dazs' new brand ambassador.
What’s a day in the life of Georgina Wilson like? Well, if you don’t follow her every move on Twitter like many of us, you should know that this multi-hyphenate’s work schedule is packed with pretty amazing things. One day she’s interviewing