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10 Wes Anderson Films You Need to Watch At Least Once

Because his films are more than just 'aesthetic.'
Artists are known to leave signatures on their works of art to let viewers know who made the piece. Others may choose to not sign their work, and will let their styles and composition speak for themselves. In filmmaking, you won’t see

Here's How a Wes Anderson Food Tutorial Would Look Like

Yum, yum, yum!
No matter your age or gender, you'll agree with me when I say that food tutorials can be pretty addicting. Once you click on one Facebook video, you'll scroll endlessly 'til you realize you've spent hours watching countless videos.Now, imagine if renowned

5 OOTDs by Jeline Catt That Gave Us Wes Anderson Vibes

That color palette is DIVINE!
Are you a Wes Anderson film buff? Style star Jeline Catt is, too! And she's taken movie-inspired dressing to the next level. (You'll fall in love with her rose-tinted feed in 0.001 seconds flat.) Keep scrolling to see what we mean!Jeline ups

Wes Anderson Directs a Holiday Film for H&M

All aboard H&M’s Christmas train!
There is something about Wes Anderson films that exude a whimsical vibe and a well-rounded idea. Known for his foolproof cinematic formula, he creates a holiday film for H&M aptly titled “Come Together.”IMAGE H&MThe film follows Wes’s recurring on-screen talent Adrien Brody