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These Are The 12 Most Expensive Watches Ever Sold at Auction

They fetched at least $4,000,000.
Modern-day auctioneering has a long history that dates back to the 16th century when the word first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary; however, it was a century later that the world's most popular auction houses were born. Although the lots auctioned

You'll Love Charriol's Newest Timepiece for a Noble Cause

The Forever Turtle Watch donates part of its sale to ocean conservation organizations.
A change in leadership is tricky. Will you be able to sustain success? Or will you start nosediving? Will you stay the course? Or will you break things apart? Most important, especially for fans and observers, will a shakeup affect the production

A Gentleman's Guide on the Proper Way to Wear a Watch

Guys, listen up!
Wearing a watch seems simple enough. You put it on and just go on with your day. That's the beauty of timepieces—it mostly goes with anything and it's fuss-free, too. But as with anything style-related, there are certain things to remember. Here's

This Watch Is the Perfect Gift for LDR Couples

Make up for that lost time. Literally.
If you're one of those couples having a blue Christmas this year with your loved one living in a completely different timezone, fret not because you can still make their holiday special with the new Omega De Ville Tresor with camo straps.

This Luxury Watch Is Perfect for the Star of Your Life

We want one!
If you're looking for the perfect thing to gift a loved one, perhaps Omega's new Constellation watch will fit the bill. The watch comes from the brand's new Constellation "Manhattan" jewelry collection and features dials made of Australian white opals that give its

15 Stylish Watches to Treat Yourself with This Christmas

Because it's almost time for a fresh start.
As 2018 comes to a close it's time to set aside all your regrets and forget about the missed opportunities and 'what ifs' that have come and gone this year. Treat yourself this holiday instead and enter 2019 with a new statement

You Can Wear This Luxury Watch Even Under the Sea

The new Tag Heuer Carbon Aquaracer is so durable yet lightweight!
Tag Heuer reincarnates the usual dive watch with its new Carbon Aquaracer. The Swiss watchmaker offers comfort, durability, and style, all rolled into one cool timepiece that you won't be able to resist wearing—even under the sea!There are many reasons to love

This Dainty Pink Watch Is on Top of Our Holiday Wish List

So elegant!
It's elegant, refined, instantly recognizable...but most of all, it's comfortable. The Tag Heuer Link Lady is a classic timepiece that's copped the number one spot on our still-growing holiday wish lists!The pretty pink version is particularly to our taste, but here are

Dr. Vicki Belo Is This Luxury Watch’s New Brand Ambassador

She was the only Filipina chosen by Patek Philippe to join the event in Milan.
Dr. Vicki Belo is now an ambassador for Patek Philippe, a Swiss luxury timepiece label. Along with other international ambassadors, the beauty doctor flew to Europe for the reveal of the newest women’s collection. The brand's new female ambassadors were chosen for having

Juliana Gomez and Kaia Gerber Wore Twinning Watches and We're Obsessed

Here's proof that investment watches can be young and cool, too.
A watch isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you're in your 20s and saving to splurge on your very first investment piece. Right? Wrong! To prove a point, Juliana Gomez and Kaia Gerber went twinning in their Omega Trésors—and

5 Watches You Should Invest In and Why

Timeless timepieces to last.
If you're finally ready to invest in a watch that will stand the fiercest tests of time (pun intentional), look no further than Omega, the Swiss luxury label that has been crafting achingly exquisite timepieces since 1848. Because FYI, they've just released five

The One Accessory That Makes Traveling Easier for Pia Wurtzbach

Changing time zones will be such a breeze!
Outside the realm of chic travel OOTDs, being a jetsetter isn't necessarily stress-free. Just ask Pia Wurtzbach, who's based in two cities almost 20 hours away from each other. So how exactly does she stay sane while hopping time zones? Keep reading!IMAGE

LOTD: Kim Jones Has a Chic New Way to Wear Her Timepiece

Enter another way to play the sleeve game!
A dilemma: you love your fave heirloom watch but you also adore enormous, billowing sleeves. Kim Jones is out here declaring that you don't have to pick one or the other—it's all about playing the layering game!Now that's a novel way to

Brr! What Karl, Anna Think Of Apple Watch

The forecast: icy.
Christy Turlington, colored straps and the option to get it in rose gold are not enough to make the fashion world impressed with the Apple Watch. Stream the video below to find out which heavyweights are saying nay. (Karl, cough, Karl)

Reasonably Priced Watches You Need To Check Out Now

Ladies, it's just like looking for a boyfriend, you need to find a keeper.
If there is one fashion accessory that we would deem best to collect, it would have to be watches. We don’t know how many times we need to stress the importance of owning a timepiece, but we’ll say it again: you can

The Apple Watch, Revealed

The Apple Watch, Revealed
Early next year, there will be a new accessory to be mad about, the Apple Watch. You guys may say that you’ve already seen something similar before, but the truth is, there is nothing like it, yet. Along with the launch of