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This Pinay Entrepreneur Customized Her Own Two-Floor Walk-In Designer Closet

Her wardrobe space looks like a boutique!
Known for her consistent PrevYou Style Tuesdays photo entries, Sarah Genove-Yu piqued our interest through her sophisticated outfits. Little did we know, this Filipina enterpreneur and a loving mom has a two-storey wardrobe space filled with all of her stunning designer items. Juggling

You Won't Believe What the Biggest Closet in America Looks Like

There's an entire floor dedicated to jewelry and more than 60 Hermès Birkins!
Have you ever considered, oh, I don't know, hosting parties and charity your closet? The thought may have never even crossed your mind, but if you're proud owner to literally the biggest walk-in wardrobe in America, it doesn't quite sound like

I Dressed According to Tarot Cards for a Week

Here’s what I ended up wearing.
The tarot is typically a pack of playing cards originating in the 15th century Europe used for games like the French jeu de tarot, a trick-taking strategy game, and the Italian tarocchini, a similar game from the 17th century. Later in the

The Most Stylish and Luxurious Closet Design Ideas for 2019

Prepare to have major closet envy.
Whether you're redoing your closet or looking for inspiration for a new space, these closet design ideas will help you organize all your favorite things.Stylishly match your eclectic clothing pieces with your closet. A simple roll of wallpaper and a statement carpet

I Made a List of All My Clothes and Here's What I Learned from It

Fun fact: I discovered that I own 30 black turtlenecks.
Confession: I have this funny habit of listing down all my clothes. On second thought, maybe it's not as funny as it is functional. Much in the same way Leandra Medine of Man Repeller takes mirror selfies to dissect her closet, maintaining

How to Get Over Having a Predictable Wardrobe

A friendly reminder to get those clothes out of your closet and onto your body.
Do you ever find that the New Year’s resolutions you make end up as theories in your head? Let’s not even bring up the endless pep talk to get yourself to the gym; I’ll confine this article to talking about resolutions of

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs Now

Nope, it's not another list of white shirts.
For the record, this isn’t another list of white shirts, an assortment of jeans, and purses one should own in her 20s. Any well-maintained woman would know that without these cornerstone pieces, her wardrobe would come crashing down in a messy pile

25 of the Most Amazing Walk In Closets

And 5 tips on how you can fix yours up.
The ways our closets are built determine how efficient we are when pulling together an outfit. And while not all of us have the luxury of having a custom made walk-in (we’re looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw), we all can use a

How To Maintain Your Wardrobe Throughout The Year

This cheat sheet will have you pencil marking sale dates before they are even announced.
Unlike those who live in countries experiencing colder climates, having to switch up our wardrobes doesn’t come as hard for us here in the Philippines. You see, we pretty much get to stick to the same clothes all year round. But with

Rhian Ramos' Wardrobe Staples

On her list, everything's black except for one. Find out here!
She’s gone from black to brown to blonde, from short to long, straight to wavy. Rhian Ramos’ hair transformation is something that’s always on the spotlight, so let’s have that take a rest today. Instead, we give you a little something not

Patty Laurel-filart's Closet Must-haves

The TV host-turned-blogger dishes on the 5 fashion pieces that she wears constantly.
Remember that sweet, cheery voice that perks up your mornings in an instant? It's Patty Laurel-Filart, no doubt. Her sunny personality is one you won't miss—always a breath of fresh air that also translates to her fashion choices. Here we ask her

Ask An Editor: How To Organize Your Closet

Can't take the madness that is your closet? Clear the clutter with these easy peasy tips.
Q: I always find it hard to come up with outfits in the morning because my closet is too cluttered! I don't have that much space in my room for a big closet so every time I try to fix it, it

Space Invaders: Divine Lee

Divine Lee talks about her favorite designers, the challenge of finding shoes that fit, and why she loves dressing up.
Want to know the stories behind some of her favorite wardrobe pieces? Click here!