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10 Local Brands to Try for Delicious Dairy-Free Milk

They're made from everything from almonds to rice to sunflower seeds!
You might be lactose-intolerant, vegan, or just looking to change it up from animal milk. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your milk fix, thanks to the numerous dairy-free milk alternatives available on the market today! Made with various nuts,

FYI, Vegan Lechon Exists and Here's Where You Can Buy It

Definitely a must-try!
Let's face it: It's always been a struggle to balance our love for food and keep a close watch on our diets to stay healthy. Trying to eat more plant-based meals doesn't exactly involve indulging in the Filipino-favorite lechon, but perhaps now it

Here's Where to Shop for Vegan-Friendly Groceries Online

Thinking of switching to a healthier diet this new year?
It’s no doubt that vegan diets have become popular. The likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and so many other celebs have already made the switch! They've done it for a multitude of convincing reasons like a healthier lifestyle and a better mental

7 Local Online Stores Where You Can Buy Vegan Desserts

Dairy-free, egg-free, and guilt-free goodies right here!
Veganism is barely an alien concept to anyone these days, thanks to celebrities and well-known figures like Ellen Degeneres, Stella McCartney, and Emma Chamberlain (who have long subscribed to the vegan lifestyle, and talk about it openly) bringing this lifestyle to mainstream consciousness. Despite the

Take a Step Towards Sustainability With This Affordable Bath Line

Here’s what you need to know about Love Beauty and Planet.
What makes you pause when you’re scanning the shelves at the supermarket, trying to figure out which product will make it to your shower shelf? Apart from how a formula makes your hair and skin look and feel, it’s nice when they

This Filipina Talks About What It's Like to Have a Vegan Beauty Routine

You’d be surprised to find some of the same items in your own routine.
At a time when people are opting for metal straws and organically grown produce, the shift to using sustainable beauty products is also becoming more popular. We asked Darleen Sy, a vegan 22-year-old social media writer, about how she changed up her

The Beginner's Guide to Shopping Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Time to jump on the CF train.
Been thinking about making your beauty habits cruelty-free? Well you've come to the right place. Joining the CF train may seem challenging at first, but it does get easier when you know a few basic tips. Keep scrolling to read our beginner's

Emma Watson Steps Out in Shoes by a Filipina Designer

And they're cute to boot.
Last week we reported on Emma Watson's newest Instagram account called @the_press_tour, an account that documents all of Emma's press outfits and her sustainable fashion and beauty choices. After scrolling through one of her newest posts, Preview noticed that her choice of

7 Practical Tips on Food That We Can All Learn From Vegans

Who knew?
Not everyone may agree with vegans, but they do provide some of the best health tips around. Having that much knowledge about food and nutrition has actually made many of them our official fitspirations! And from stalking their Instagram feeds and reading

7 Guilt-Free Junk Food That Are Perfect for the Healthy Eater

Not all junk food are created equal.
Believe it or not, some junk food are made with ingredients that are actually good for you. So if you're on a journey towards healthy eating and you think you need to completely swear off on junk food, well, think again. Below

This Is Why I Will Never Eat Meat Again

FYI, it's not because I don't think bacon tastes good.
I wasn’t born a vegetarian. And no, not eating meat anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t think it tastes good either. I ate meat for 19 years straight, and I don't have the right to deny that bacon and fried chicken taste

Beyonce Spammed with Pizza and Hamburger Emojis

Looks like her fans don't want to put a ring on it.
For the first time ever, Beyonce's fans aren't hailing their Queen.After hyping up her appearance on U.S. TV Show Good Morning America, teasing that the singer has something amazing to unveil, the loyal members of the Beyhive were less than amused when

9 Must Try Vegan-friendly Places In Manila

Looking for healthful options when eating out? Try these.
If, like Natalie Portman, you wear vegan leather shoes, then you must try these ten awesome places that don’t leave a bitter taste in your buds even if you’re mainly chewing on grass. Vegan girl's got taste!Veg mac and Cheese with corn

Beyonce Launches A Home Delivery Vegan Meal Service

Now we can eat like the Queen.
The R&B superstar stamps her seal of approval on veganism after she and husband Jay Z have embarked on their trainer Marco Borges' 22 Days Nutrition program. And as if it wasn't enough for the two to get in better shape, Queen