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Are We Finally Getting the Long-Awaited Edit Button on Twitter?

Yes and no.
Our friends @Brizzly are back! We’re excited about their new Tweet compose & auto-deletion tools. They even edit feature!???? Check them out ???? an announcement posted on March 10, Brizzly+ says that it's "the closest thing to an Edit Button

Koreans Respond to #CancelKorea with #SorryToFilipinos

Peace has been restored and now people are back to watching K-dramas.
Earlier this week, #cancelkorea was trending on Twitter after a racist remark was made by a Korean netizen on TikTok. The backlash was a result of a tattoo spotted on Filipina TikToker Bella Poarch. The design resembled the Rising Sun flag of

Here's Why #CancelKorea Is Trending on the Internet

The issue actually started on TikTok.
If you’ve been scrolling through Twitter today, then you may have noticed that the hashtag #cancelkorea is the number one trending topic. ICYMI, this so-called rally against the land of K-drama and K-pop actually started on TikTok.As reported by Koreaboo, it began with

The Internet is Freaking Out About Giant Bats from the Philippines

Giant bats from the Philippines are the largest in the world.
People on social media are freaking out over photos of giant bats from the Philippines."Just imagine this bat waking up and flying straight at you," says Twitter user @KingLeoRio. "I'd flee the country."Remember when I told y'all about the Philippines having human-sized

Here's How Artists Are Paying Tribute to Frontliners on Social Media

They are honoring the heroes who work tirelessly every day in the midst of the pandemic.
The COVID-19 crisis has thrown millions of lives off course, and there's no real way of knowing exactly what the world order will look like once this pandemic eventually recedes. Those of us who are able to work from home realize that our situation

Here's Why #PPEforEasternVisayas Was Trending on Twitter This Morning

Tacloban City’s youth put social media to good use to help their frontliners.
As the number of COVID-19 cases in the country rises, netizens from various parts of the Philippines are taking to social media to rally their communities to help medical frontliners. This morning, March 29, the hashtag #PPEfor EasternVisayas trended on Twitter at

This Filipina’s Twitter Post Landed on a Billboard in New York City

She's now famous among NYC subway commuters.
Twitter's always been the go-to social media platform for anyone looking to air out their innermost thoughts to no one in particular. With millions of users active on the site, tweeting almost feels like yelling into an empty void, which is why the

Sen. Risa Hontiveros Had the Best Reply to a Slut-Shamer on Twitter

The netizen told her to "dress appropriately."
The State of the Nation Address is an annual state affair that allows us a peek into our lawmakers' stylish sides. Their sartorial flairs shine through as they highlight local fashion in their modern Filipiniana attires. Senator Risa Hontiveros, in particular, arrived

Maine Mendoza Is the Fifth Most Tweeted Celebrity in the World

According to Twitter, of course.
Kicking off the surge of end-of-year roundups, Twitter Philippines released their biggest conversation starters of 2017. They rounded up the most tweeted accounts, hashtags, movies and many more, and looking at the lists will give you slight nostalgia for sure.Host, actress and

How the Internet Changed the Ways of Fashion Journalism

We know. Magazines cannot beat the speed of a single tweet.
I lied. I’m sorry. I never meant to go back on my word, but it turned out to be much harder to do than I imagined it would be. I’m talking about tweeting, of course. Awhile back, I wrote in my column

#AlDubYouPreview Trends on Twitter

Did we break the internet?
Trust that anything #AlDub related goes viral on Twitter. Proving its social media powers to us here at Style Bible and Preview, the Twitterverse quickly shot up the hashtag #AlDubYouPreview all the way to the top last night as it trended on

#AlDubEBTamangPanahon Breaks New Twitter Record

They're apparently more popular than the World Cup and Kim Kardashian!
Move over, Kim Kardashian. A new “it” couple has broken the internet, yet again, with a landslide of tweets beating the World Cup’s 35.6 million record during the Brazil-Germany match. Who are they? #AlDub, duh!The Twitterverse exploded last Saturday as die-hard fans, new

6 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

Spare yourself from the embarrassment.
We get it. Sometimes we just can’t help but let our emotions take over as we share things on social media. Be it an angry tweeting spree about our horrible bosses, a humble brag IG post of our plane ticket, or a

Bye, Bye Hashtags

Twitter's new feature might eliminate the need for them.
Goodbye, hashtags?Under Twitter's yet-to-launch feature “Project Lightning,” users can view collections of tweets, pictures, and videos of a single event or trending topic, instead of having to surf various hashtags or look up individual accounts.5 important things:1. Topics or events can be

Twitter Will Soon Be Troll Free

Be gone, haterz!
Sick and tired of all the bogus tweets popping up on your notifications? No longer will it be a problem to deal with troll accounts on Twitter. You no longer have to deal with fake accounts as it has been clear that