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Review: This Device Will Keep You Connected While Traveling Abroad

Stay connected wherever you go!
What: Travel Connect's wifi router rental + tour packageIMAGE Steph SisonPro-tip: Travel with a powerbank to charge your personal router and other gadgets.What it is: It's a travel agency that arranges your travel itinerary and includes a wifi router so you're able

How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials When Traveling

Travel smarter with these hacks!
When it comes to the subject of traveling—be it for a couple of days, weeks, or more—packing always proves to be a challenge. Even if you've already aced how to neatly pack your outfits, mastering the art of packing your beauty needs

True Story: I Planned My Vacation For Instagram

Here's an 8-item checklist for an IG worthy trip.
Like any other vacay that gives me a reason to get away from the metro’s hustle and bustle, my recent stay in Kuala Lumpur was fleeting yet glorious, and I wanted it to last forever. Prior to the trip, my boyfriend and


We take you from north of the Philippines to North America.
Quoting J.R.R. Tolkien, "Not all those who wander are lost." See where we found ourselves basking in the summer sun—or, well, playing with snow. ANNA CANLAS, Editor in ChiefDestination: Olympic Sculpture Park, SeattleWeather: 18°C, Mostly Cloudy#OOTD: Sleeveless in Seattle. (Trademark tank top, Madewell silk midi skirt,

Traveling In Style With Maggie Wilson-consunji

Find out this stylish celeb's ultimate must-haves when packing her bags.
You know how our hearts flutter with excitement whenever we see stylish ladies packing their bags for a vacation. As the result of our expert stalking skills, we’ve even shared with you a peek at the travel diaries of Kim Jones, Bea

#travelthursday Essential: Luggage Tag

The smallest yet most important travel accessory you'll ever need.
Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Antartica, Asia— traveling the world one country at a time? Then you better invest on a luggage tag that’ll make it clear who owns your bag. Leather, rubber, quirky, badass or dainty, with the irresistible selection being made


This Ilocano tradition is slowly dying but thanks to Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez and, there's a way to keep it alive.
There’s always something special about a woven fabric, especially after realizing how time consuming and how intricate the entire process of creating one is. It takes two weeks just to set up a pattern on a loom and this can only produce

15 Lightweight Shoes For Any Type Of Adventure

Trying to pack light? We found the lightest and most comfortable footwear for you!
Travelling almost always entails a lot of walking and exploring for hours and with that in mind, we know you need a pair of shoes that’s not only comfortable, but more importantly, stylish. Bonus points if they're super lightweight so even if

Travel Special: 11 Chic Luggages For Long Trips

Planning a longer out-of-town trip? No problem!
Packing for a long vacation can be the most stressful and overwhelming—thinking of all the outfits, the shoes, and the toiletries—but one thing we realized that having a cute yet practical luggage can help alleviate the stress and even get you excited

10 Things You Need To Survive A Long-haul Flight

When boredom strikes, you gotta have these on hand!
Long-haul flights can be a test of patience, especially when you're the type who can't stand the idea of sitting down for hours. We've all had our fair share of annoying-people-on-the-plane stories—babies who won't stop crying, a group of friends talking with

Travel Special: 11 Hand-carry Luggage For Your Short Trips

Thinking of jetting off for a few days? Check out our top hand-carry picks.
We can all admit to the fact that if there’s a long break coming up, we maximize it by going out of town—may it be your province or another country. Either way, we take every chance we get to travel. If you’re

Anne Curtis' Travel Essentials

The spontaneous traveler shares her must-haves when going out to see the world.
Luggage brand, American Tourister, has recently launched the Philippine National Sweetheart as its newest endorser. A self-confessed traveler (with Instagram posts as evidence), Anne Curtis reveals she's the spontaneous type when it comes to going out to see the world (with her beau, Erwan Heussaff, of