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Matcha Lovers, Tim Hortons' New Iced Latte Is Made for You!

You can have this refreshing matcha drink delivered straight to your doorstep!
Some people fuel up with coffee, but tea lovers know there’s nothing like the rejuvenating power of matcha—especially when it’s combined with milk to make a creamy yet earthy matcha latte. We have our favorite versions in Manila, but here’s a new one to

Tim Hortons' New Caramel Drink Is for Non-Coffee Drinkers

Pair it with their limited-edition Halloween doughnut!
While Tim Hortons is known for their Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee, there are folks who prefer to not have any caffeine at all. If you're one of them, you don't have to skip the Canadian coffee chain—they also offer non-caffeinated drinks