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Direk Joey Reyes Goes Viral for His Analogy Between Korean Dramas and Pinoy Teleseryes

The Filipino director strongly believes that it's time we stop recycling cliché and predictable soap opera plots.
No one can deny that K-drama fever has reached an all-time high, especially over the quarantine period when Filipino fans, both new and old, needed a respite from reality. One fan who strongly believes that Korean dramas offer more than just short-term

Fanny Serrano Calls Out Local Teleserye Makeup for Being Unrealistic

The long-time makeup artist airs his thoughts on Facebook.
According to makeup artist Fanny Serrano, there's more to a local teleserye than just its plot. Producers should pay closer attention to the actors' overall appearance on-screen, specifically their hair, makeup, and clothes. He goes into detail about this in a Facebook

Anessa Versus Alexis

We turn the spotlight on Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala's leading ladies—whose style gets a nod?
Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, ABS-CBN’s primetime show, is on its final week. The feud between Eros Diomedes (Sam Milby), Anessa Diomedes who later on changed her identity to Angela Balaguer (Judy Ann Santos) and Alexis Ganzon (KC Concepcion) is heating up!But there’s one