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15 Sleek Black Tech Gadgets to Upgrade Your Home Office

We round up the coolest tech gadgets you'll want for your home office.
Looking to deck out your work space at home? Don't worry, you're not alone. Setting up an aesthetically pleasing home office can help us get in the zone—pesky clutter be gone—and lead us into accomplishing more. Now, ready to shop for sleek

15 Dainty Pink Tech Gadgets to Upgrade Your WFH Experience

Looking for cute, pink tech gadgets? Start here!
If you asked me back in March, the thought of working from home every day of the week felt like a temporary arrangement. However, present day dictates that it's our new reality. Now, being an introvert and homebody, adjusting to this new

We Tried The Exact Smartphone Seo Ye Ji and BTS Love

It's the most stylish phone of 2020.
If you’ve been tuning into It’s Okay To Not Be Okay or have been following K-culture in general, then you might’ve noticed that there’s a cool new smartphone Korean celebs have been sporting. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t like any other

This Online Store Sells All Kinds of Pretty Pink Gadgets

Add to cart!
We know you can't get enough of pink things—whether it's gaming accessories or baking tools, you're probably ready to hit "Add to cart" on the next pretty pink thing you find. Well, brace yourselves because we found an entire online store dedicated

15 Inventions From the Past Decade That Changed Our World

It will make you wonder what's next.
The world is modernizing at rapid speed, and technology is at its most advanced level today. But unsurprisingly, it took a while for experts to break through to the optimum outcome. There were prototypes and earlier models of great inventions that we

6 Gadgets You Need to Document Your Stylish Summer Vacay

Don't forget to pack these!
If you're a travel blogger, vlogger, or just someone who simply likes to document and cherish special moments, you know better than to fly off sans your handy-dandy gadget gang. Exactly how do those jetsetting Instagram girls capture every picture-perfect moment of

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Smartwatch

See what this tech has in store for you.
At one point in your life, you’ve probably given some thought to that smartwatch you eyed at the mall. But as your shopping conscience weighed the pros and cons, the odds that you’d end up not purchasing it was probably due to

Spy on Politicians the Techie Way

Take your stalking game to the next level.
(Main image by Peter Cade / Iconica)If you want to know whether your mayor delivers his promises or if a certain politician is spending an unscrupulous amount of money, look no further because that’s where wearable technology comes in!  We’ve all heard

Moleskin X Evernote Launches in The Philippines

Write, snap, save, share, repeat.
Have you ever wished for an app that allows you to instantly transfer notes you’ve scribbled down on paper onto your smartphones? Apparently, there is one and it’s recently been launched in the Philippines. From the makers of notebooks used by Oscar Wilde,

Fashion Week Returns To The Mall

The flagbearer of Filipino fashion leaves the SMX Convention Center.
18 years ago, before occupying the massive halls of the SMX Convention Center, Philippine Fashion Week started inside the Glorietta Activity Area. But over the weekend, it returned to the mall.Paces away from Forever 21, Uniqlo and a Starbucks, models sashayed down the runway

Brr! What Karl, Anna Think Of Apple Watch

The forecast: icy.
Christy Turlington, colored straps and the option to get it in rose gold are not enough to make the fashion world impressed with the Apple Watch. Stream the video below to find out which heavyweights are saying nay. (Karl, cough, Karl)

Emojis For Morenas, Chinitas, And Mestizas

Emojis For Morenas, Chinitas, and Mestizas
Now there are emojis to suit the different colors of the world. Woot! With the new OS X 10.10.3 or iOS 8.3 upgrades coming soon, we can now choose a desired skin tone by simply clicking and holding any “human” emoji until

37 Must-have Iphone Cases

We pick 37 iPhone cases that we are currently loving!
Admit it, our smartphones are the extension of our bodies; we always have our iPhones with us to keep us connected. And as the extension of our bodies, we tend to dress it up as well, based on our personality and preferred