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Sushi Bake Meets Musubi on This SPAM and Rice Bun

SPAM on a rice burger? Sign us up!
Popular quarantine treat sushi bake is known for its deconstructed nature: Layers of rice, sashimi, and sauce piled neatly into a tray, and made to be scooped onto a nori sheet for a big bite of sushi that's as indulgent as it

8 Online Sushi Bake Stores to Satisfy Your Cravings

They're some of the best around.
There's no denying that the sushi bake trend's been a hot commodity in the country for the past few months. Much like past food novelties like the banana bread and ube cheese pandesal, the viral dish's popularity has spurred on numerous businesses

Here Are All the Quarantine Food Trends We've Seen So Far

Which one is your favorite?
It's been more than two months since the quarantine began and this gave us more than enough time to explore what we can do inside the kitchen. Some have been learning a new cooking skill after the other and experimenting with what

All the Tips You Need to Make the Best "Sushi Bake" at Home

You can totally make it yourself!
If you've been seeing trays of what looks like a baked casserole but is being served with nori or seaweed sheets, you've just seen what is called a sushi bake or baked sushi. This giant deconstructed sushi (sushi purists might protest this) is

I Gave in to the “Sushi Bake” Trend and Here’s What I Really Think

Everyone seems to be posting about it on Instagram so I was curious if it's worth the hype.
Unless you’ve been on a social media detox, then you’ve probably seen (and craved) the latest quarantine food trend called “sushi bake.” If you aren’t familiar with it, sushi bake is essentially deconstructed sushi baked in a casserole, and is eaten by

What Is Sushi Bake and Where You Can Buy It

You can make it at home, too!
If you're part of food communities online, you've probably encountered Sushi Bake on your social media feeds. These two words stitched together may not make sense for sushi purists (as sushi typically uses raw fish) but there is such a thing as cooked