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Michelline Syjuco: Summer 2012

The accessory designer gives us yet another tough slew of bold, hand-crafted pieces.
Fine jewelry, step aside. When we first saw the sculptural jewelry by accessory designer Michelline Syjuco, it was love at first sight. Well, love dashed with a bit of intimidation, that is. For those who are familiar with the work of this

Tomato Launches Their Summer 2012 Campaign

Armed with new style rules, Tomato gets you ready for summer!
Tomato makes a bold new move for its summer 2012 campaign, armed with the season's new style rules. Enlisting stylists Pam Quinones and Rey Ilagan, they're challenging you to express yourselves through fashion without fear by tring print on print and vibrant

Freeway X Twinkle Ferraren 2012

The swimsuit designer gets crafty for her 3rd collection.
It seems that swimsuit designer Twinkle Ferraren has developed a great working relationship with trendy retailer Freeway. It’s the third year in a row that she’s created a special summer collection for the brand. “This is a fusion of different visions, aesthetics

Folded & Hung's Summer 2012 Campaign

Folded & Hung goes bright and colorful for summer!
The summer 2012 campaign photos have been coming up on bilboards and popping up on the internet already and today we're zoning in on the paint-splattered, punk pics of Folded and Hung. It seems that the summer collection is all about bright hues