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I Let My Dad Style Me for a Week and Here's What Happened

My closet was shaking.
My personal style is a little eclectic, a tad kitschy, a bit of Harajuku here and there, and sometimes grandma chic. It isn’t formulaic. I tend to pick up trends every so often, too—but ultimately remixing and making them my own. Having

How to Incorporate Street Wear Pieces to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Street wear doesn't necessarily mean casual.
When someone says street wear, some immediately think casual—sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers and the like. But what if you’d like to flex your personal style and hop on the street wear trend even though your personal style isn’t exactly  “casual,” laid-back or even

5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Band Tee

You can wear it from a music festival then straight to the office!
As we ready ourselves for Coachella weekend number two, we took the season's It shirt—and coincidentally a music festival staple—out for a styling spin. The band tee is one of those shirts you've most probably had and have either thrown out or

3 Styling Tricks to Freshen Up Your Overused T-Shirt

Because, really, we can live in it.
We all have that one closet hero that's probably worn-in by now from using one too many times. And while we have our LBDs and black pumps always on standby, for most of us, that true wardrobe workhorse comes in the form

Hot Right Now: Tyca

The Style Bible Editors come up with different looks for this new retail shop.
These days, shortening phrases has become a trend: LOL, OOTD, SOTD, BTW, OOTN, OMG, BRB, ROFL, and more. And then there's TYCA, the abbreviation of "Thank you, come again." However, TYCA isn't just another one of those phrases or expressions; it is

Style Bible's Shopping Challenge

Six young stylists shop the top trends!
Together with five local retail brands—Plains & Prints, Bayo, Folded & Hung, Charlie and Freeway—we've put together our very first shopping challenge. We picked out six young stylists—Jhobes Estrella, Maricel Patricia Evangelista, Maureen Manuel, Paris Roxas, Raizel Dy and Rei Buesing—from a