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4 Maternity Dressing Tips to Keep in Mind for Stylish Moms-to-Be

The better you feel, the better you look!
Congratulations if you’re a mom-to-be! While physical changes may be making you feel more uncomfortable than attractive, a few important wardrobe updates will help you through. The key is to prioritize comfort, but for a true blue Preview girl, style comes in

Stylish Sports Bras for the Fashion Girl

Stay stylishly sporty.
There are two things that could get a fashion girl’s butt moving: the motivation to get a body to show off that new bikini and new activewear that simply cannot be put to waste. Since buying workout clothes is a surefire way

Are You Wearing The Right Sports Bra For Your Workout?

The rule? No bra, no workout!
Let’s settle this once and for all: The sports bra is at the heart of every female’s workout. It’s the first thing you put on and is arguably the most essential. Unfortunately, 80% of women are wearing the wrong size and the

Did You Take A Break From The Gym? Here's Why You Should Go Back!

We round up the brightest, the cutest, and the best workout pieces to get you inspired again.
Now that we’re halfway done with the year, it’s time we put the bikini bod season to a close. Let’s admit it, we’re getting way too lax when it comes to our daily gym sessions and sports training. We understand, we really

Cool Combo: Muscle Tee And Sports Bra

Give this usual gym combo an upgrade and take it to the streets!
If you're anything like us, we like to experiment with all the fun fashion trends that have been rolling out these past few months and we’re especially happy about the sportswear trend. Imagine the technology that comes with active wear and combine

30 Sports Bras We Love

We round up sports bras for every workout!
We’ve noticed that the fitness bug has bitten a couple of people on our social media feed. Working out is definitely a great way to boost up your endorphins and to keep you in tip-top shape, so how could we resist?We round