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12 Signs You're the "Sosyal" Friend in the Group

Your driver is literally everyone's best friend.
Your friends mean no harm when they tease you for being a Rich Kid of Instagram. Truth be told, they’ll love you just as much even if you were broke.1. You have a yaya who’s been there even before you were born, who has

18 Must-watch Fashionable Movies

Curl up with our favorite onscreen style inspirations.
During bed weather season, layering, some pajama-dressing, a bucketfull of popcorn, and a weekend movie marathon is inevitable. This week, we pick out our favorite feel-good fashion films that we’ve been watching through the years. From Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s to John

Look We Love: The Girls Of Sosy Problems

Nab the looks of the upper class beauties of MMFF's Sosy Problems.
The MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) film entry Sosy Problems is a movie about four beautiful girls who belong to the upper 1% sector of the society, a.k.a. the rich kids. Although they grew up as friends, each girl has distinct sense

Personal Stylist: Sosy Problems

We break down the four distinct styles of the girls from MMFF's Sosy Problems.
Filipinos have come to expect the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) during the holidays; this year, one entry that caught onto our style radars was the movie Sosy Problems, a movie that let us take a peek into the lives and foibles of