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10 Times Vice Ganda Convinced Us to Wear Cute and Stylish Socks

He definitely knocked our socks off!
We all know that Vice Ganda has a killer shoe collection, but it’s high time we recognize that he’s got an on-point sock game, too! Be it with Nikes, Crocs, Pradas, or even flip-flops, the superstar comedian definitely knows how to work

Would You Buy Heart Evangelista's Gold Socks for P4000?

Because we definitely want a pair for ourselves, too!
Heart Evangelista's name can easily be associated with the words lavish and luxurious. She always goes the extra mile whenever she dresses, and she's often clad in designer pieces from head to toe—and we mean literally!While this specific ensemble is actually quite affordable

This Will Finally Convince You to Wear Socks with Low Heels

Cool outfit inspo you won't be able to resist.
I've spent a sizable chunk of the past two weeks mulling over the merits of styling socks with a schoolgirl-ish low heel. It's prep-school chic at its finest, and perhaps my greatest takeaway from spending many teenage years binge-watching Gossip Girl instead

8 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks With Heels

Easy shoe-and-sock combos here!
Out of all the most overlooked fashion pieces on our list, socks have got to be our favorite.  More often than not, people associate socks with sports, innerwear, utility, and comfort. While all of these words ring true when we talk about

15 Statement Socks That You Could Totally Show Off in Your Outfit

You'd want everyone to know you're wearing them.
There was a brief time in history when no one wanted their socks to be seen. It's proper manners, they said. Now that mentality seems to have spun back into oblivion. Everyone's pants have been getting shorter and shorter by the minute,

3 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Footwear with Socks

Show off these ankle heroes!
Socks have always been the unsung hero of cool weather outfits. They spend their time hiding beneath our boots and pants while serving the most noble purpose of keeping our feet warm. So this year, why don't you let them be the

We Found Out Who Made Those Funny #BelleAdrien2016 Socks

You can customize your own pair, too!
Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat's wedding was nothing short of romantic and dreamy. But Belle and Adrien did not forget about their sense of humor, too. IMAGE INSTAGRAM adriensemblatVamos Socks, a brand of performance socks founded by Javy Olives and Drew Arellano, is

How the Geeks Accessorized at the Preview Ball

Geek chic isn’t just a pair of specs.
This year's Preview Ball had guests rummaging through their high school (or college) closets. Of course, we couldn’t help but take a second look at the different ensembles as a handful of them decided to think beyond a pair of specs and

These Socks Will Change the Way You Wear Flats Forever

The only way to go sockless.
Just because you’re in flats, doesn’t automatically mean you're more comfortable than when you're in heels. Hey, we’re sure you’ve had your fair share of blisters and battle scars from you beloved ballet flats, too. Most of the time, blisters are either

Rihanna Is Creative Director... of Socks

Better have your money!
You better have your money ready for Rihanna’s latest collaboration with the Southern California-based sock brand Stance. As RiRi continues to blow us with her unexpected ensembles and badass music videos, we think it’s safe to say that she’s now the new

Dear Mr. Know-It-All: Must I Be Gwapo to Be Fasyon?

Take it from your slightly below average looking columnist. ;)
For our new column, Dear Mr. Know-It-All, our resident menswear blogger Gian Reyes tells you everything you need to know to be the kind of man we like. He knows all.Dear Mr. Know-it-all, Do you have to be good looking to be fashionable?This is

6 Things Cool Girls Wore Before You Did

Mom jeans and more.
Like most things in fashion, trends are often fickle, changing faster than your twitter timeline. First, you see that pretty/ugly hat on the runway. Next thing you know it’s in every editor’s fashion shoot, and soon it’ll filter down through the department

The Type Of Socks To Wear With Your Shoes

This is what happens when functionality meets fashion.
With the clouds crying like there’s no tomorrow recently, our main concern is keeping dry—our feet included. Because while an umbrella or raincoat can protect your head and body when there’s a sudden rainfall, there’s not much they can do if you’re

How To Pull Off The Heels With Socks Trend

The stormy weather calls for extra layers—on your feet, that is.
In Spring, Prada gave us legwarmers and Mary Janes while Chanel gave us the patent leather and cotton sock high boot. Now that the seasons have turned, it’s time we up-ed our shoe game to keep up with the layering that happens

33 Pairs Of Socks To Keep You Cozy

We pick out 33 of the cutest pairs of socks to suit every personality and outfit!
Admit it, the cold weather we are currently experiencing got you excited just the same way we did! Think layering of clothes, sweaters, boots, scarves, and so much more—but this time around, we zoom in on the accessory that keeps your pretty

Sock Value

Hot hosiery and quirky socks are perfect for the season.
Set in one of the newest sky-scrapers in the city, Leg Love and Elements by Gold Toe introduced to us their newest collection designed by Bianca Valerio, Pablo Cabahug, Renan Pacson, and Ferdie Salvador.First off was Ferdie's fun, quirky printed socks; he shared