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6 Local Celebrity Sneakerheads You Should Follow on Instagram

For your #shoefie inspiration.
Your favorite brands might have their own social media accounts, but an additional way to be updated on the latest trends in the world of kicks is through your local celebrity idols. Yep, just like you, these shoe addicts splurge on sneakers.

How To Shop For Your Size Of Air Max Sneakers

An Air Max virgin? No worries, here are a few things you need to remember before purchasing.
There’s no denying that we’ve been taken over by the sneaker craze. Dare to cry wolf about a sneaker sale and you might just find a mob with pitchforks chasing after you (read about how men would kill for a pair here).

A Non-sneakerhead's Guide To Sneakers

Here's a lesson in understanding the language of rubber-soled shoes.
Lately we’ve been talking awfully a lot about sneakers. We’ve been charting down designer collaborations and showing you where to shop the best kicks in town. We even gave you a brief history lesson and a guide in understanding the different styles

Would Men Really Kill For A Pair Of Sneakers?

Women pull each other's hair over a pair of heels but here, we prove that men are just as obsessed.
There’s been a sneaker pandemonium over the past couple of years and who do we have to blame? Michael Jordan? Lebron James? Kanye West? Guys, tell me. While we ladies cannot deny our, well, exorbitant and egregious retail habits, apparently the gentlemen