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10 Skinny Jean Outfit Combos That Will Never Go Out of Style

Skinny jeans are forever!
When we think of skinny jeans, we'd most likely categorize it under "basic." But if time is a testament, it's rather a staple, classic piece that will never do you wrong. Sure, it may undergo different iterations every now and then, but

10 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans

Take style inspo from these celebrities if you want to reinvent this classic cut.
Everyone witnessed the rise of skinny jeans back in the early 2000s, and up to this day, the ubiquitous piece remains to be a universal, everyday essential in every woman's wardrobe. Sure, it may have been shadowed by more modern pieces such

5 Chic Ways to Wear Black Skinny Jeans to Work

An easy alternative to trousers!
Out of all the jeans in your closet, your black skinny jeans are, perhaps, the easiest kind to sneak into the workplace. With its dark hue and snug fit, this type of jeans has a sleeker and dressier appearance compared to light wash denim. If you pair it with the right

5 Mistakes You're Unconsciously Doing When Styling Your Skinny Jeans

Maximize your skinny jeans' style potential.
We'll just go ahead and say it: Skinny jeans are forever. It's a timeless and classic pair that can be worn by anyone—no matter one's size, shape, and age. But despite its supposed unifying characteristic, skinnies can also make you look basic

How to Wear Skinny Jeans Like a Model

Learn from Catriona Gray, Maureen Wroblewitz, and more!
Skinny jeans first had their heyday in the mid-2000s, and we dare say that they have become one of the most definitive fashion pieces of that decade. Anyone and everyone stepped out in skinny jeans and pants as if they were the

These Are the Most Flattering Shoes to Pair with Your Skinny Jeans

Because your shoes can make or break your outfit!
Skinny jeans are probably one of the most reliable closet staples for many girls. It's a style that flatters just about anyone, making it practically impossible for someone not to own a pair. Skinny jeans are a hardworking wardrobe must-have that can

10 Cool Ways to Style Skinny Jeans

Highlight those legs!
FYI, you can show off some leg without having to bare an inch of your skin. Hear us out first: We're talking about giving skinny jeans a chance again! This means embracing their tight, form-fitting features for a slimming fit that not

7 Ways to Make Your Skinny Jeans Look Cool Again

Approved by the fashion gals you look up to!
Hold up, there's no need to toss your time-worn pair of skinny jeans! What goes around comes around, and while the skintight silhouette hasn't quite made a comeback and overtaken the fashion set's favored wide leg just yet, there are some cool,

8 Fresh Ways to Style Your Skinny Jeans

Time for an update!
We dare declare that skinny jeans are never going out of style—it all depends on how you wear them! While the past few seasons have seen a meteoric rise in public affection for denim flares, wide-leg jeans, and even the classic straight

Man-repeller Vs. Man-pleaser: Skinny Jeans Vs. Boyfriend Jeans

James Reid, Chino Lui Pio, Champ Lui Pio, and LA Aguinaldo spill the beans on what they like better on girls.
A girl who loves fashion knows very well that she dresses to please no other but herself. But easy as it may seem to brush off side comments, it’s hard not to wonder what male counterparts think of those man-repelling/man-pleasing pieces of