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7 Cute and Comfy Sweater OOTD Combos to Try on Chilly Days

Providing warmth while still keeping it chic.
Rainy days are here, and we're pretty sure you've been reaching for your cozy sweaters a more and more lately. If you need some inspo on how to style your go-to piece, we have got you covered! Below, we rounded up the

10 Youthful Shorts Outfits, According to Women in Their 40s

All the freshness with all the right polish.
Shorts are inherently youthful, as they’re a favorite bottom from the moment we can toddle to well into our twenties. But as we get older, thoughts of whether or not the length, or lack thereof, is still appropriate for one well past

14 Cute Shorts Sets Under P1200 You Can Shop Online

Comfy and chic is the keyword.
Cooped up at home most of the time, it’s no surprise that a lot of us have been browsing through online shops in search of cute loungewear to give our wardrobes a life update. (No shame in admitting it!) While your pambahay

The Many Cute Ways to Wear Shorts, According to Influencers

Make casual days even better with this underrated piece.
Where chic ensembles are concerned, shorts are usually out of the picture, as they’re seen as “throw on and go” pieces for errands or lazy days. However, shorts have much more sartorial power than we often think. To convince you that this

11 Cool Ways to Style Shorts, Sweatpants, Leggings at Home

Turn your home outfits into super extra OOTDs.
Shorts, sweatpants, or leggings are probably the centerpieces of anyone’s go-to home outfit. But we're also guessing that you do not put much thought into these looks—you throw on those years-old shorts (maybe they’re even your sister’s hand-me-downs) and top it off with

These Will Be the Next Big Fashion Trends, According to Anna Wintour

We're updating our closets, stat.
Fashion Week 2019 has officially ended, and what better way to culminate this worldwide spectacle than to ask Vogue’s very own Anna Wintour about her personal thoughts on the events.In the latest edition of Vogue’s video series Go Ask Anna, several models and fashion

10 Chic Pairs of Bermuda Shorts That You Can Wear All Year Round

These work rain or shine.
Sometimes, compromise is necessary. You've got to meet halfway. That seems to be the bermuda shorts' main motto —not quite a full, long trouser and definitely no Daisy Duke, it's somewhere in the posh, tailored in-between, also veering away from the culotte's

You'll Want a Bermuda Shorts Suit for Every Summer Party

It's the perfect cross between trendy and timeless.
A suit equals a no-worries way to show up polished at any fête...unless the following factors come in to play: a) it's outdoors, b) it's scorching summertime, c) there's a dress code, and d) there's no way you'll deign to arrive looking

Kelsey Merritt Will Make You Want to Wear Bermuda Shorts This Summer

She'll convince you to buy a pair of your own.
Your Daisy Dukes can lay low this summer, because their longer, preppier cousins are back—enter bermuda shorts, the sun season's current fave crop! Still, don't think that a knee-grazing length can't be sexy, because even Kelsey Merritt's wearing it, and pretty much

5 Chic and Easy Ways to Style Bermuda Shorts

Your quick ticket into the trend!
Long shorts are undoubtedly having a moment. From athletic-inspired cycling numbers to the crisper, more tailored Bermuda options, there are a ton of silhouettes to choose from! Here, we focus on the latter—scroll to spy five easy, foolproof ways to cop.1. Summer

12 New Wardrobe Essentials You Need For a Stylish 2019

New basics alert!
It's time to refresh your wardrobe for 2019. And we suggest you begin by stocking up on your new basics. While closet essentials are used as your wardrobe base (which you can mix and match with the rest of the trendy pieces

LOTD: Are Bermuda Shorts Returning To Replace Culottes This 2019?

Maybe it's time to say goodbye to "square pants."
Bermuda shorts sure had their time in the sun back in the 2000s—remember how Blair Waldorf paired them with polo shirts and vintage Chanel purses to equal the pinnacle of prep school cool? For a while after they became passé, culottes (a.k.a. "square

Short Suits Are the Best Way to Mix Work and Play

Bare those stems and mean business, too.
If you're just as obsessed with the fashion from the 1990 film Pretty Woman as we are, then you'll agree that Julia Roberts' adorable coral short suit was a total dream. Tailored and heat-proof? We were sold from the very beginning.Fast forward

Bermuda Shorts Are Back, and Here's How to Wear Them in 2018

TBH, they're super easy to style.
Remember bermuda shorts? Perhaps at the mention of the word you imagine a more casual-looking iteration of culottes. Well, the old knee-length shorts are back, giving you an alternative for when Daisy Dukes and denim cut-offs just won't do and you find

5 Ways to Dress Up Your Shorts This Summer

Can you feel the heat climb?!
If this past long weekend's been anything, it was hot. Like, literally. Summer's slowly-but-surely creeping its way in, and we're already thinking of ways to beat the heat! One of the hardest things ever has got to be dressing around sweltering climes