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Here's How You Can Eat Salad Without Leafy Greens

Not all salads need to have lettuce.
Eating salads can be challenging when you're not a fan of lettuce. But who said a salad must be made of just leafy greens? You have so many options when it comes to salads that you don't have to stick to green

Rj Roque Shoots The Salad Day And Randolf Clothing Party

Last Saturday, Salad Day and Randolf Clothing showed some clothes in a party at Soma Stores in Green Sun. And we thought: This must be how it would look like to mate a shaggy carpet with a Pink Pokemon. Young, fun and #princesscore! We sent RJ Roque to snap

Platform 360

Platform 360 Showcase: A super cool party via a pop-up.
Pop-up stores are a trickling trend these days, and last April 20 we were given a dose of secret-shopping through Platform 360 Showcase. Held at the Museum (M) Cafe, Platform 360 Showcase selected a few start-up and premium local brands like Proudrace, OS Accessories, and LoudBasstard to showcase their goodies