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10 Wardrobe Essentials to Get You Through the Holidays

No need to buy a new outfit for every single Christmas party!
The approaching holiday season brings about many expected yearly occurrences: Christmas tunes playing everywhere you go, new 2020 planners popping up left and right, and of course, holiday reunions filling up almost every day of December. With all the family dinners, Christmas

9 Stylish Belt Bags to Help You Stay on Trend

You know you just gotta have one.
With the revival of 90's fashion, belt bags seem to be the breakout trend eclipsing every other Instagram OOTD. If you're up to joining all the cool kids getting in on the fanny pack boom but can't tell which of these bags

Here’s How You Can Layer Like It’s Still the '90s

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz.
In the world of fashion, trends follow a cycle. As an example, the '90s fad is making a huge comeback—what goes around definitely comes around, as they say. And in this karmic sense, we see more than just crop tops, chokers and


Look good on dry land and on the wet sand.
With this sweltering heat, you’ve probably been reaching for those denim cut-offs and camisoles more than necessary. Hubadera summer style has had its heyday but now, it’s all about sexy subtlety—like a hint of bare shoulder or unexpected details like spliced cut-outs.

Kathryn Bernardo's New Favorite Updo

The Teen Queen even got herself a new hair accessory, and it's not a tiara!
2014 has definitely been a year of new looks and makeovers, and this includes a few for Kathryn Bernardo. We were quite surprised when the Teen Queen chopped off her long tresses and got lobbed, but even more when she traded her jet

Traveling In Style With Anne Curtis

You only need the basics to look as stunning as this star.
If you swooned over Anne Curtis' beauty with our vampy makeup tutorial, this time around, we'll give you another reason to be green with envy. After gracing the local premiere of Blood Ransom at Resorts World Manila, the lovely star flew to New

A Week's Worth Of Outfits That Hide The Bulge

We've said it once and we'll say it again: get over those tight-fitting clothes!
What is it about loose clothing that we love so much? Well, aside from the comfort and ease, they also hide certain areas we try to conceal from the public eye. With the latest boom of Hollywood pregnancies, now seems like a

We're Seeing Double Denim

It's the bloggers' turn to school you on this cool trend.
Denim is obviously one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can find inside your closet. No matter what your personal style is, there is so much you can do with it. And seeing that there are so many ways

3 Ways To Wear Your Pink Ribbon Watch

Stay in style while supporting a good cause with Marc Coblen's special edition Pink Ribbon Watch.
If there’s one disease that all of us constantly fear, it is no doubt the C-word. And for women specifically, the most common would be breast cancer. In lieu of the fast approaching Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we raise our glasses to

Traveling In Style With Bea Soriano

This It girl will show you an easy-peasy way to dress up when traveling.
We often hear people say that fashion should be fun and is not to be taken seriously. And while the former is undoubtedly true, we always encounter difficulties in doing the latter. But as we stumbled upon Bea Soriano’s travel diary, once

Celebrity Style: Double Denim

These rule-breakers are sporting this wrong trend in all the right ways.
Gone are those days when dressing up was run by rules. We’ve officially made it to the new era of fashion, and it’s about time to stop caring. Since the new book says ‘no more rules,’ we figured we’ll go ahead and

Shoe Special: Where To Shop Heels In Manila

Know where to go when you're in need of high steppers.
Shoe shopping these days is getting harder and it’s no longer because there is a lack in malls or brand options, but rather there’s an overflowing number of shops to choose from. Each store has key offerings that are all nice but

Boho Style Icons: Decode Their Signature Looks

Cop the looks of your favorite boho-chic celebs and make them your own.
Just a little trivia to jumpstart our mini boho style guide: Did you know that the birth of bohemian fashion was greatly influenced by the hippie movement during the late sixties to seventies? Since then, more and more have been into the

What To Wear On A Date With Piolo Pascual

Ssshh! We let you in on a little secret on how to impress the country's ultimate heartthrob.
Guess what, ladies? We cornered the ultimate heartthrob during his presscon for E! News Asia Special, and he just spilled the beans about what he likes in a girl. According to Piolo Pascual himself, he’s drawn to women wearing long dresses and

Stylesetter: Joyce Pring

Take cue from Joyce Pring on how to nail the boho trend.
We spotted the bubbly Joyce Pring during the Lenovo mobile launch and we just couldn’t keep ourselves from taking a snap or two of her boho-chic ensemble. Sporting Forever 21 from head-to-toe with a very Coachella-ish #OOTD, the singer/host proves there’s more to

Hot Right Now: Summer Lace

Show off more skin with these dainty pieces.
Lace never goes out of style, and if you're too tired of summer's loud prints and blinding hues, this is definitely the way to go. There's something about this dainy material that can make any girl look extra sweet and feminine, so

Awesome Twosome: Summer Dress + Ballet Flats

Stuck in a styling rut? You'll never go wrong with this combination!
In our fast-paced lifestyle, we all need a couple of throw-on-and-go pieces to make dressing up a lot easier. Summer frocks are definitely in this category, and we're pretty sure you've already set your eyes on a couple of them in your

Travel Special: 11 Backpacks Perfect For Day Trips

Here are stylish backpacks fit for your one-day itinerary.
No plans on going somewhere far, far away this Holy Week? Well, you're not alone! While most people are busy packing their bags for a long vacay, we, on the other hand, are too psyched on planning our staycation in Manila! And