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Instagram Mood of the Week: #LoveWins

Why wait for V-day to feel the love?
For the last hurrah of Pride Month, we want you to get sweet and cheesy (just this once) and share with us captured moments of love. Whether platonic or romantic, post a photo of what love means to you and use the

Instagram Mood of the Week: #AboutLastNight

It's a blacked out blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled.
Just a couple more days till the #PreviewBall and us here at Preview and Style Bible couldn’t be more excited.To mark our 20th birthday, we’re going all out with a big shebang, champagne showers and all. But before we whip out the

Instagram Mood of the Week: Calligraphy

It's time to put those penmanship skills to the test.
Kanye West once sang, “Write my curses in cursive.”The Instaverse seems to have picked up a new hobby with more people posting their calligraphy drills on the gram. If you’re one of them people who love writing random words in cursive then

Instagram Mood of the Week: #Preview20

Make it like our birthday everyday!
Pop your confetti. Pop your Perignon. Preview’s 20th anniversary is so on.With the Preview Anniversary Gala going down in just a few weeks, we at the Preview and Style Bible HQ couldn’t help but reminisce about our favorite moments from the past.


Score tickets to Passion Pit here.
This month, we at Preview are finally shedding the scent of our adolescence. As we bid farewell to our teenage years, we’d like to look at the many things that defined us in our 20s. And how timely is it that we


Your childhood faves with a stylish twist.
Long before our obsession with Game Of Thrones, Empire, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians began, we would waste our afternoons watching anime shows like Naruto, Fushigi Yûgi, and Dragon Ball Z. Recently, we tapped into our inner child as we came


We'll be playing and having fun.
We’re down to the last few weeks of summer and we all know you just want to make it last a little bit longer. Not that we have any more vacation leaves left, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could just

Instagram Mood Of The Week: That Shady Creature

Sun's so bright, everything has to wear shades.
Last week we chanced upon this super cute ed from Highsnobiety that featured the coolest Dawgs of Summer, leaving us feeling shadier than ever.Grab your pet rabbit, your ratty old stuffed toy, or that pineapple in the kitchen and throw your favourite

Instagram Mood Of The Week: Play With Your Food

Next-gen food porn.
Mother told us never to play with our food. But lately we can't help ourselves, what with these still life inspirations: This week, we're on the hunt for the yummiest and artsiest foodstagrams. Snap a few shots before taking a bite, post them

Instagram Mood Of The Week: You Wild Thing

It's time you hear us roar (or bark).
A couple of party animals came out of hiding this weekend when a certain brown eyed model from a T.Swift video hit up the local club scene. While pictures of the crazy night seized to surface [sigh of relief], furry friends seemed to have

Instagram Mood Of The Week: Very Asian

Turning Japanese? Chinese? Korean?
Was there a seat sale that we missed or did everyone just decide to jet off to Japan for the Holy Week? Either way, our feeds have been filled with non-stop posts of passports and plane tickets, cherry blossoms, and Harry Potter

Instagram Mood Of The Week: Wise Words

Here's a little typography to help you reflect.
Mood boards serve to inspire us and to keep us on track. This week, we dug up works from artists Jenny Holzer, Robert Montgomery, and Tracy Emin that give us a few words of inspiration and some pretty cool installation art. Check it