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Art Lovers Will Enjoy Visiting This Serene Cafe in Antipolo

They even have some unique ceramic pieces for sale!
With the growing demands of everyday life, art comes as a way to pause and relax. It’s therapeutic, stress-relieving, and is able to soothe your worries, as shown in a research study from the Royal College of Physicians.  However, taking a breather is

5 Coffee Shops You Can Bike to in Rizal

Time to refuel with a cup of coffee!
Most of us found our own coping mechanisms to manage cabin fever in the past year. Some acquired new cooking skills like baking bread, some havbe gone down the K-pop or K-drama rabbit hole, while others have started on a fitness journey

8 Picturesque Venues in Rizal to Book for an Intimate Wedding

Planning a small celebration just near the metro?
Exquisite bay views, stunning skylines, and sublime mountain ranges make Rizal the ideal setting for your dream wedding. Just east of Metro Manila, this province is close enough to travel to, but far enough to distance you from the hustle and bustle

These Elevated Huts in Rizal Will Let You Escape into Nature

It can accommodate up to eight people.
Tanay is known as an adventure-seekers paradise with its mountain ridges and network of rivers. If you're looking to bring the whole family on an adventurous weekend, Two River Campsite offers the Giant Teepee, which can accommodate up to eight guests.The A-frame

Sleep Under the Stars at This Sprawling Campsite Near Manila

You only have to hike for 15 minutes.
Stargazing can be tricky in Metro Manila. You have artificial lights trying to upstage the twinkling stars, not to mention the smog that covers our skies. Luckily, the foothills of Sierra Madre in Rizal are not too far for a weekend drive;

8 Local Airbnbs to Book in Cold-Weather Destinations

If you're stuck here for the holidays, you might as well spend it somewhere with colder climes.
Everyone seems to have plans locked down for the holidays, whether it's spending it in their respective provinces with family (fun!) or flying out to enjoy the snowy days that the Philippines unfortunately lacks. It's not too late, however, to make plans

5 Resorts You Can Drive to for a Quick Weekend Getaway

Pack your bags and head to Rizal for a relaxing escape from the city.
When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, a quick road trip to beach sounds so inviting. But if you’ve only got the weekend to go on vacation, you want to spend more time relaxing at the resort