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15 Inspiring Local Celebrity Instagram Posts To Welcome 2019

Read what your fave celebs are most thankful for.
As we bid adieu to the year that was and welcome 2019, we reminisce and reflect on everything that we have experienced in 2018—graces and challenges included. Like you, local celebrities also looked back on everything that they're grateful for, realizations and lessons

LOTD: Rhian Ramos' Date Night OOTD Is Both Chic and Functional

Her idea of post-date activities aren't the usual.
Rhian Ramos isn't one to get dolled up too often, save for TV appearances and events—unless it's date night, that is. For a dinner out, she opted for this sleek, chic look perfect for her posh evening...and a Time Crisis sesh right

15 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Try Extreme Sports

These stars try surfing, car racing, skiing and more!
As the year starts, it's also very timely to pick up a new hobby or start a wild adventure to make the days ahead more colorful and especially exciting. But if you're someone who's not into arts and crafts, then perhaps adrenaline-inducing

#Throwback: Rhian Ramos Gets Racey for Preview

We look back at the 'Saving Sally' actress' glossy solo debut.
The year was 2008, and the then 18-year old Rhian had just landed a lead role in GMA's primetime drama comedy LaLola. Little did she know she'd be doing Saving Sally, the much-anticipated comicbook-driven love story that finally makes its debut as

Rhian Ramos Speaks Up About Being Sexually Harassed in a Party

The actress shares her story in an Instagram post.
Rhian Ramos took to Instagram yesterday to call out a man who sexually assaulted her in a party. In the post, she details the incident that happened while she was out with her friends, calls out her harasser, and delves into what

LOTD: How to Cop Rhian Ramos' New Cool Girl Hair

Here's how you can get bouncy waves with your new look!
After years of being a no-show in the beauty world, bangs are making a well-deserved comeback. But if you're so over side-swept bangs that were all the rage in the early 2000s, how about you give full, wispy ones a chance?Take this

10 Highlights from One Magical Night at Adora

Complete with Cinderella and Oprah moments for all the lucky guests.
There has always been something particularly intriguing about shopping in Adora. The open layout within the store’s limestone walls invite you to wander from one carefully-curated vignette of products to another. There’s also a tranquility that’s distinct from the sometimes harried process

The Most Flattering Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

Here are your next hair color pegs!
Most women who don't experiment with their locks are puzzled with what hair color will suit their skin tone. In reality, we believe that there are no rules—that if you're confident enough to go blonde, you should just go for it! But

16 Celebrities Who Bravely Posted No Makeup Selfies

They're beautiful no matter what.
It's no secret that behind every celebrity is a team of beauty professionals making sure their physical features are perfect. In other words, they most definitely do not wake up like how you see them on television or in magazines. So what

The Best of Mother’s Day Instagram Posts by Local Celebs

The stars took their greetings online.
The heat of the national elections is unlikely to go away anytime soon, but we’re just glad that everyone’s Mother’s Day posts did not simply drown in a sea of political tweets and Facebook friends campaigning for their presidential bets. Last Sunday,

10 Local Celebs and Their Tattoos

These stars are rocking their tatts.
Planning on getting inked and currently on the lookout for some inspo? Well, we’ve already shared with you a list of Hollywood stars and their signature tattoos, but if that’s not enough, then perhaps these local celebs will do the trick.Solenn Heussaff(@solennheussaff)This

11 Celebs Who Are #AlDub Fans

Kilig knows no shame.
Unless you've been locked up in your room for months, deliberately avoiding Twitter and Facebook, or have simply decided to quit Instagram, then you should know by now what on earth #AlDub is. The Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye love team, consisting of Alden Richards

5 Female Celebrities Who Are Race Car Drivers

Be warned: These girls are badass.
In a guy-dominated sport like car racing, finding a woman who can do it just as good (if not better) is rare. But it is also in these rare occasions where we find girls who deserve to be called badass. You’ve seen

Celebs and the Cars They Ride

Check out their sweet rides.
Aren’t you curious what cars our local celebrities drive going to and from their destinations? Well, we are! Given that these ladies always manage to put together a double-tap worthy OOTD, we can’t help but wonder if they can cruise in style,


You may now unclench your abs.
Just so you know, that yellow polka dot bikini isn’t your only ticket to making the most out of beach season. Having rock solid abs is cool and all, but if all else fails, there’s no need to fret—you can always count

Celebrity Style Mashups

Rihanna Ramos, Kris Jenner Aquino, come on down!
Our brains decided to take a break from the craziness of yesterday’s traffic and so our imaginations (especially our art director's) ran wild. While everyone was busy making EDSApocalypse memes, we thought of mashing up the looks of one foreign and one

This Is How Tim Yap Does An "intimate Lunch" For His Birthday

Launch the gallery to see which celebrities made it to his majestic luncheon at Valkyrie.
Like clockwork, Tim Yap’s crew stormed into Valkyrie at 5 a.m. on Saturday, just as the last club goers from the night before had left the building. By 11, they were putting the final touches to his “intimate lunch for 50,” as