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Color Blocking, Contrasting Fabrics, and Cutouts Dominate PMFF 2021

We're firmly in the age of the structural and the sheer.
Just last week, the 12th season of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival took place, showcasing the distinct talent of 23 local designers. Here, we investigate the trends that dominated the runway. Take a look. We live in a prismatic world, and these designers

Statement Jackets And Crazy Prints Take Over At PMFF Day 3

Check out our top picks, too!
Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest day 3 brings us a taste of the freshest looks from the street. On the runways, we're treated to a feast of punk-inspired looks rendered in statement jackets, crazy patterns, and interesting silhouettes. Scroll down to see our top

Texture and Architectural Pieces Reigned Supreme At PMFF Day 2

Check out all the designers who showed!
Welcome to the second day of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2019, where generous, wholly sensory texture and ambitious architectural shapes took center stage. Check out all the designers who showed, here!Renan Pacson's freshest designs for Arin? Elevated basics boasting interesting touches. We're particularly

Check Out These Collections by UP's New Clothing Technology Graduates

The future of Philippine fashion is bright!
The University of The Philippines' Clothing Technology (UPCT) students just recently held their graduation show. Called Enigma, the presentation featured eight students and their respective final collections—a culmination of their growth and honed skills throughout the duration of the course.As part of

This Collection Is Proof That Grunge Is Both Cool and Contemporary

Check out Renan Pacson's work for Arin!
Featuring blacks, grays, browns, and a mishmash of patterns and textures, Renan Pacson's collection for Arin exuded mystery at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. Sporting '90s inspired makeup and grunge silhouettes, Arin’s pieces take its cues from contemporary and abstract art

Renan Pacson’s Versatile Streetwear Is Future-Ready

Wearable pieces you can incorporate right now.
For Renan Pacson, inspiration can come from anything—everyday objects, emotions, and even moments. However, his most recent collection is anything but reminiscent of the banal and the mundane. In fact, it is teeming with a strong sense of identity, one that’s distinctly

Manila Fashion Festival - The Next: Renan Pacson's The Replicants

See the full collection here.
The Replicants shows us a future that simplifies excess. It predicts the future of silhouette, where showing off a figure is the least of anyone's worries. In Renan Pacson's cyborg era, a reclused approach to comfortable streetwear makes the superhuman. That, and

Renan Pacson's 'X'

...marks the spot.
This season, Renan Pacson celebrates X in all its many forms: as the 24th letter of the English alphabet, as the unknown in mathematics, as the American '70s punk rock band, as the third letter of PAXON, and as the symbol of

Unit 731 by Renan Pacson

See his Fall/Winter 2016 collection here.
If there’s one thing we now know about Renan Pacson, it’s that he knows how to kick off a show with a bang. After making quite an impact with his opening surprise, his masked models walked down the runway dressed in camo-printed

Renan Pacson's Seams and Interruptions

See his full Spring/Summer 2016 collection here.
Taking cues from the collection's name, "Seams and Interruptions," PEFTA alumnus Renan Pacson opens his show with an abrupt screeching sound as a male model emerges from the end of the runway dressed in a graphic-print tee and matching lounge shorts. Similar

Renan Pacson Welcomes Us To The Circus

Though it's not the kind you might be expecting.
If you aren’t familiar with Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre, you may find the film slightly disturbing with its provocative imagery of a Mexican horror circus. This was the subject of Renan Pacson’s latest collection as he tried to turn this

Renan Pacson Spring/summer 2015

Renan Pacson takes one for the young and young at heart with his latest collection.
We’ve always been on the lookout for Renan Pacson since he made it to the list of Preview’s Emerging Fashion Talents. He brings to the table new concepts as he tries to marry opposing concepts with clothes that blur the lines between

Art Personas Brings Us Manila Fashion Festival

Now here's a festival you wouldn't want to miss.
Truly, things are shaping up for our local fashion industry. As more designers emerge, it’s just fit that new platforms are created for them to showcase their talents, and more importantly, to sell their products. Here is where Art Personas, a fashion