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10 Easy Ways to Wear Print-on-Print, As Seen on Local Influencers

Let your clothes do the talking.
Surveying pieces from the likes of Moschino, Miu Miu, and Alexander McQueen, (most notably the supersized, near-nightmarish runway looks from the 2000 Fall collection), one thing becomes clear: fashion is all about audacity. Sure, monochromatic hoodie-sweatpant combos are heavenly and easy on

10 Styling Tricks to Master If You're Scared of Mixing and Matching Prints

Intimidated by prints? They're actually easier to wear than you think!
I have a confession to make: I used to dislike prints. Back in college, I preferred plain shirts and never would have considered printed trousers. I deemed the color story, silhouette, and fabrication more important than prints and patterns. I was wary

10 Fruit Printed Pieces That Are Nutritious For Your Wardrobe

Your closet needs those natural vitamins, too.
Thank Gucci Spring/Summer 2019's lush crop of cheeky cartoon strawberries. Florals and tropical foliage may return as a shape-shifting print trend summer after summer, but you know what else does yet remains overwhelmingly underrated? Fruits. Nutritious for both your body and your

10 Ways to Wear Houndstooth Print Like a Street Style Star

It can get tricky, but we've got you.
Perhaps known as check’s wayward cousin, houndstooth might be a tricky pattern to pull off for some and is accessible mostly through suits and coats. While houndstooth may have been deemed a mere trend that reappears throughout the years, it can make

10 Animal Print Pieces to Help You Walk on the Wild Side

Hear 'em roar.
Swinging from the sartorial vine has never been this fun. Thing is, animal prints are never really going to go out of style—it all depends on the pieces you buy! Below, 10 of the most current reiterations for your shopping pleasure. Go

How to Wear Two of the Same Print in One Outfit

Have fun!
Wearing prints is always fun, but what about layering them by the dozens? The idea may not be knew, but these styling tricks sure are—below, watch as we bring you five fresh ways to start piling 'em on loud and proud.Produced and

LOTD: Tricia Gosingtian Has the Chicest Way to Mix Prints

Print on print doesn't have to look so loud.
Blogger Tricia Gosingtian dared to wear a mix of stripes and plaid, and mind you, she does so very subtly. Here's one way to hop on the print-on-print trend without looking too bold.Workwear has never looked this chic and polished! Opting for a button-down, Tricia

LOTD: Liz Uy Proves That Blazers Aren't Just for the Office

Go for a bold, statement-making print.
It's likely that on weekends, you whip off your trusty ol' office blazer like it's scalding you because puh-lease, Friday nights are for bare-it-all sartorial freedom. Right? Liz Uy is making a case for just the opposite, though—one look at her Kloset suit

LOTD: This is How to Wear Three Trends in One Outfit

She's a risk-taker.
The thing we love most about K-pop stars, apart from their bop-inducing music, is their style. Across the board it's far from safe, it's experimental, and it's certainly not afraid to turn up the volume—yet once in a while, along comes an

4 Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

Easy-peasy tricks right here!
Fashion is an exciting realm to explore. Many trends pop out from here and there; some of which stay, some leave before you can blink an eye. But if there’s any styling trick that leaves most girls clueless and scared, it’s the

5 Fashion Trends That Got Too Big

And yet you couldn't let them go.
Ever loved a style so much and suddenly realized so does everyone else? Not everyone likes twinning, especially when there are a hundred others sporting the same style. If there’s one thing true about fashion, it’s that it’s always in an exasperating

The 5 Signature Looks Of Laureen Uy

Here's your chance to steal the look of one of the country's top fashion bloggers.
You don’t think we’d let the day pass without greeting this top blogger slash #PreviewGirl a happy birthday, do you? Sister to the celebrity stylist Liz Uy and Preview creative director Vince Uy, BFFs with fellow super bloggers Camille Co and Kryz

Staff Challenge: Print-on-print

The gloomy weather is no excuse for a drab outfit, as Editors up the ante with of-the-moment prints.
"I shook things up a bit by mixing two equally bold patterns—dragonfly-print and Jacquard—in contrasting yet complementing colors. I went all-out-unexpected by slipping into a pair of bright-hued heels."Nikki Santiago, Managing Editor, TheMall.phTop, Mango. Trousers, Topshop. Sandals, Zara"Looking at my closet, I