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Julie Anne San Jose Tries to Guess OPM Songs

She effortlessly hit every note!
Aside from sharing us her NYC Spotify billboard and achievements during a Preview exclusive interview, we also challenged singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose to play Guess the Song. Growing up in the public eye, she never forgets to showcase her bubly and

You Need to Watch Casey Merritt Do the Model Pose-Off Challenge

She's a natural!
Young model Casey Merritt is the definition of "adorkable." Awkward and charming, she's definitely more than just Kelsey Merritt's younger sister. The Pampanga-native has dreams of becoming a doctor, but modeling seems to be in her blood. In this short video, Casey

Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino Are Too Cute Playing Charades

They try to act out classic movie titles with feelings.
Who doesn't love charades? Apparently, Carlo Aquino isn't a fan. "Hindi ako magaling dito," he tells us frantically. Luckily for this on-screen duo though, Maine Mendoza is pretty good at it. For this episode of Preview Challenge, the stars of Isa Pa With

We Challenged Kyline Alcantara to Sing Her Favorite Songs

This girl definitely knows how to sing!
Kyline Alcantara is only 16 years old but already has a following that marvels a superstar. The singer/actress is no doubt multi-talented and her fans, whom she fondly calls Sunflowers, can attest to that. For this #PreviewChallenge, we asked Kyline to answer

I Don't Like Red Lipstick So I Challenged Myself to Wear It for a Week

Here's how I forced myself to conquer my biggest makeup fear.
I've been through several lipstick phases since I started wearing makeup. Back in high school and college, I wore dark shades like burgundy and blackened purple every day, as if they were nudes. Believe it or not, I wasn't going through an

Alex Gonzaga Does the 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Get ready to laugh and learn.
Doing your makeup under five minutes is no easy task. But somehow actress-turned-vlogger Alex Gonzaga made it look unbelievably easy and fun. She even squeezed in a lot of puns and laughs while she was at it. See how Alex took on

You Have to Watch Dominique Cojuangco Take on Our Food Challenge

See how this #ImAPreviewGirl fared.
What happens when good food meets this season's hottest beauty trends? Let Dominique Cojuangco demonstrate as she takes on the Preview food challenge! Will her glittery lips stay put even after biting into a taco? Watch the video below and find out.Produced

Lauren Reid Does the Preview Fitness Challenge

How long can she hold a plank?
Lauren Reid is not just the new It girl; she’s also a health and fitness buff! Check out her Instagram feed and it'll reveal her love for avocados on toast and her gym sessions involving lifting weights. And to test her skills,

ToMiho Takes on the Preview Pose-Off Challenge

We put their modeling skills to the test!
The art of posing is a difficult thing to master. Even top models have to work on their poses and learn new ones all throughout their careers, and Tommy Esguerra is no exception to that reality. And to wrap up their shoot

GabRu Does The 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Ever wanted to see Ruru in a dark lip?
Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid may have serious roles in Encantandia, but their off-screen personalities are anything but. These two have the wackiest personalities you can ever imagine in two artistas, and they have the chemistry of peanut butter and jelly. So

Lauren Reid Tries the Beki Slang Challenge

Can she guess them all?
It’s no secret that Lauren Reid grew up in Australia and she just recently moved back here in the Philippines. Thus, she has missed out on local jargon, particularly the famous beki language that, let’s face it, takes a while to master.