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These Beauty Tips Will Help You Become a Morning Person

Because a satisfying slumber takes good skills.
Morning people have become a rare species. It takes a good disposition and a good breakfast— including good coffee—to get one up and running. But unsurprisingly, all it really takes is a good night’s sleep. If you’re a reluctant morning person (i.e.,

An Open Letter to the Next Would-Be President

Here's hoping you can include Philippine fashion in your agenda.
I’m feeling a little nostalgic; it’s been 15 years since I’ve started writing this column, and I still remember that day I was intently pacing my then-boyfriend’s (now husband’s) studio apartment trying to christen my column with a name that would resonate.

Here's Why You Should Do Your Own Laundry

Laying laundry woes on the line.
Raise your hand if you have a proper clothesline at home. Let’s rule out cramped service areas, where the clothes hung never meet the wind and sky. I’m waxing nostalgic about an old-school clothesline, where sheets and party dresses and—gasp!—lingerie would traditionally

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Getting Lipo

The stuff you're too shy to ask.
Exercise has never been my thing, and I don’t think it ever will be. This is why I know that somewhere down the road, I will seriously consider liposuction—on my thighs, at least. Even at my thinnest (I was 100 pounds on

Arisse de Santos on How to Take the Perfect Selfie and Keep It Real

This blogger has unfiltered thoughts on social media, beauty, and life in general.
Arisse de Santos once wrote on her Facebook wall, "Social media's pretty deceiving because we just show the world what we want them to see." This 22-year-old blogger, who has over 348K followers on Instagram, ironically feels strongly against living a life

Your Shopping Addiction Could Be a Clinical Condition

You might actually need therapy for your retail therapy.
Felicia Francisco (name changed for anonymity), 26, scans her closet, straightening out a few stray fringes off a black top she just acquired that morning. Her closet (her two closets, to be more specific) take up a significant amount of her studio

6 Makeup Artists Create Junk Food-Inspired Looks

Slurpee- and KitKat-inspired makeup? Why not!
Feeling the munchies? These six makeup artists do, too. Sink your teeth into their junk food-inspired looks below!Ryan Wong for MAC CosmeticsIMAGE Dookie Ducay"[We like summer's] pop of color on luminous skin. Try MAC's Fluidline Liner in Deep Blue Sea (P1100, Power

Bea Marin's Tricks on How to Achieve a Well-Curated Instagram Grid

Score tips from this stylish young blogger.
For fashion blogger Bea Marin, everything seems to exude effortlessness. From her naturally mussed bedhead to her artfully ripped jeans, she displays a quiet kind of cool, the kind that looks good in a white T-shirt and no makeup. Relying on a

Joey Samson Shares His Journey as a Fashion Designer

He looks back on his beginnings, his challenges, and why he took the road less traveled.
“One thing I always ask first-time clients is, ‘Are you familiar with my body of work?’” It’s a simple question and one most fashion designers probably ask, but it’s a question that, especially in Joey Samson’s case, merits a thoughtful answer.Because if

I Hate You, Ellen Adarna

We find out why women love to hate her.
What is it about you, Ellen Adarna, that splits the world in two? On one hand, men profess their undying love for you while women fawn over your face and imitate your workout regimen. On the other hand, men denounce you in

Is It Better to Stick to One Beauty Line or to Make Your Own Assortment?

Preview’s beauty girls put their usuals on hold to try new skin care routines.
When it comes to skin care, trust Preview's resident beauty girls Agoo Bengzon's and Belle Rodolfo's wise words. They road-tested the pros and cons of sticking to just one line of beauty products as well as making your own assortment. Read about it

Meet Monika Abad, Preview's Best Dressed "Shape-Shifter"

She's unafraid and unabashed, two things every fashion girl should be.
The ’80s were marked by the last days of disco, the reign of Dynasty, shoulder pads, and hairspray. During the same period, stylist and personal shopper Monika Abad—self-proclaimed partaker of that decade’s indulgences—uprooted herself from Manila and moved to Japan to pursue

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Crop Tops?

Belly up!
The last time I wore a cropped top it was called a half-shirt. I remember that it was long-sleeved, from DKNY and striped black and white (very graphic and so Spring/ Summer 2013, come to think of it). I paired it with

Are Fashion Choices the Same for Every Woman Regardless of Size?

We zero in on the curvy girl style movement.
“If ‘skinny’ jeans are for fat people,” my friend blurted out while we were shopping one time, “should they still be called ‘skinny’?” She made air quotes on the second “skinny.” Like the statement needed any more dose of sarcasm.I know my

#Throwback: Rhian Ramos Gets Racey for Preview

We look back at the 'Saving Sally' actress' glossy solo debut.
The year was 2008, and the then 18-year old Rhian had just landed a lead role in GMA's primetime drama comedy LaLola. Little did she know she'd be doing Saving Sally, the much-anticipated comicbook-driven love story that finally makes its debut as

Did You Know That Marlon Rivera Used to Be A Fashion Designer?

We revisit the Babae sa Septic Tank director's short but brilliant career in fashion.
Before Babae sa Septic Tank and the numerous awards that came with it, Marlon Rivera dabbled in fashion. "The desire to design has been there since high school. I've [also] been doing styling and prod designs for commercials, so it wasn't new,"

25 Questions with Alodia Gosingfiao

The cosplayer talks to Preview about the beauty of being yourself.
“I think it started when she was having Disney-themed birthday parties as a child,” says Jing, mother of Alodia Gosiengfiao, on how her daughter’s penchant for costumes started. That, plus Japan’s soft power through video games and anime urged then-15-year-old Alodia to

#Throwback: Bea Alonzo Stars in Preview's First Music Video

Meet Bea and The Bang Bangs.
Bea Alonzo is best known for her dramatic roles, but we bet you didn’t know that Basha—as she’s known in One More Chance—also dabbled in music. In 2008, she released a solo album, The Real Me, and in 2011, she fronted the