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8 Local Resorts and Villas With Cozy Private Pools

Ah, seclusion.
Sometimes you don't just need a vacation, you need a quiet vacation. As in the kind that involves no one but you, a special someone, and a secluded swim! We hear your (ironic) clamor for silence and have exactly eight suggestions for

5 Best Poolside Hangs in Manila

Summer vibes all year long.
Last time we checked, “ber” months are supposed to be cold and breezy. Well, we guess it's not the case anymore since the “brrr” seems to have abandoned us, leaving us with nothing but this crazy hot weather. So next time you

Swimwear Special: 21 Triangle Tops To Covet

We list a variation of the classic bikini to suit your super fun summer getaway.
We’re onto our third list for the week and this time we search high and low for the best triangle bikini tops in the metro—printed, neoprene, metallic, sexy strings—we listed them all!What’s fun with bikinis is that you can mix and match