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The 4 Affordable Items Fashion Editors Hoard

One is just not enough.
We asked around the Summit Media office (aside from Preview, it is also the headquarters of titles such as Candy Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, Esquire to name a few) to find the answer to the question: what’s the one cheap item

6 Ridiculously Expensive Plain White Tees

And some worthy substitutes.
Plain white tees are the corner stone of any wardrobe. But while some find satisfaction in Hanes crewnecks sold at local department stores, there are those who look for quality and designer tags. Herewith some of the priciest white shirts that stars

8 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Your Plain White T-Shirt

Get schooled by the stars.
What do we always tell you? Invest in the basics! Trends may come and go, but these closet staples will never let you down, especially when it feels like you've got nothing to wear. Case in point: the plain white tee. Below,

The Evolution Of The White Shirt

From the battlefield to the big screen, see how this basic stood the test of time.
According to Maslow, air, food, water, shelter, sleep, and clothing are basic needs one must have in order to survive. On the topic of clothing, one item we feel everyone needs to have is a plain white shirt. It’s the building block

The 7 Kinds Of Plain White Tees

They're plain and they're white, but nope, they're not all the same.
Everyone is obsessed with the simplicity, class, and sass a plain white tee can provide. It can be worn to dress down a tulle midi, with denim shorts on a hot day, or with a blazer for a laid-back office look; we

Back To Basics: The Plain White Tee

These celebs will school you on how to wear the plain white tee.
You know how we keep telling you to always invest on the basics? Well, we’re going to have to say it again one more time as we school you on why you need this universal closet must-have. This time around though, we’re

12 Plain White Tees That You Absolutely Need

White shirts are closet staples, we round up the best just for you!
We always advice women, even ourselves, that investing in classic and basic pieces are the foundations of having a good wardrobe—the plain white tee is definitely part of that list. It’s a simple cotton shirt but it acts as a canvas to