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Style Spotting: Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2015 Day 3

See who came dressed to impress.
It may have been the last day of the Philippine Fashion Week, but that sure didn't stop Manila's most fashionable from stepping up their style game. Below, see who came dressed to impress."Keep it simple and classy."-Anja Vanessa Peter in Zara. "I like wearing

Kaye Morales' Tale Of The Samurai

See her full Holiday 2015 collection here.
Inspired by the Asian culture, Kaye Morales weaves the tale and virtues of the Samurai for her Holiday 2015 collection, Katana. With Jessica Yang leading the pack, models walked down the runway dressed in modernized kimonos, paneled leather jackets and chunky platforms,

Jun-Jun Cambe's Baby Dolls

See his full Holiday 2015 collection here.
Jun-Jun Cambe kicks off day three of the Philippine Fashion Week with his Holiday 2015 collection, Baby Dolls. Inspired by the iconic 1950s style, his avant garde designs in gold, black and beige owned the runway featuring luxe silhouettes and trapeze dresses

Jeffrey Rogador's Cartoon Heroes

See his full Holiday 2015 collection here.
Dubbed as Super Pinoys: Heroes Among Us, Jeffrey Rogador’s Holiday 2015 collection pays tribute to some of the country’s greatest heroes. Featuring contemporary pieces in '90s-inspired silhouettes, his designs celebrate the Filipino spirit via splashes of color digitally printed on neoprene, silk

Jerome Salaya Ang's Fallen Angels

See his full Holiday 2015 collection here.
Jerome Salaya Ang showcased his keen eye for detail as he tells a story of semi-utilitarian, bondage, sporty and goth through his Holiday 2015 collection. Dark to light neutral hues with hints of deep red dominated the runway, featuring a play of

Sidney Perez Sio Gives A Modern Twist To The Iconic Barong

See his sportswear-inspired collection here.
Closing the first day of Philippine Fashion Week, Sidney Perez Sio takes inspiration from the evolution of the Filipino gentlemen as he reinvents the iconic barong with a cool, modern twist. In his Holiday 2015 collection, The Sportsman, he creates a strong

How Much Do The Fashion Week Pieces Cost?

We reveal the price tags on these runway collections.
As mentioned in an earlier article, saving designer items for a special occasion is just a waste of time and money. If you can wear them now, then why not do it? It’s certainly important that you maximize the cost per wear

Philippine Fashion Week: From Runway To Wearable Outfits

Here's how you can wear designer pieces on a daily basis.
To girls like us, runway shows are never just a mere trend-spotting event; it is a walk-through of items that we’ll be shopping in the not so distant future.This season, Philippine Fashion Week came up with the big idea of making designer

The Best Of Beauty From Philippine Fashion Week

We round up our top beauty looks straight off the runway.
The clothes we see on the runway are just a fraction of the trends that are about to hit us come spring. More than these threads, we also look to the pretty painted faces for beauty tips to cop the following season.

Trend Spotting At Philippine Fashion Week Spring/summer 2015

Here's a heads up on the trends you'll be sporting next season.
Now that everything’s been said and done, it’s time to review our notes and read up on the trends that will be hitting us next season. Despite the scaled-down number of participating brands and designers, there were still were an ample amount

Stylesetter: Liza Soberano

See how this fresh-faced beauty stole the spotlight with her monochromatic ensemble.
Seems just like yesterday when the lovely Liza Soberano fronted Preview’s August 2014 issue. We have always believed that this fresh face has a promising career ahead of her, and looks like we were right to think so all along.Portraying her first starring role, which

Eric Delos Santos Spring/summer 2015

Swing back in time with Eric delos Santos' latest collection.
Eric delos Santos loves to create a colorful splash with each passing season of fashion week. This love affair for all things vivid continues as he whips up a collection that celebrates all things romantic and feminine. From full skirts to vibrant

Nardie Presa Spring/summer 2015

Nardie Presa takes us to a state of bliss with his latest collection.
Making his runway comeback at Philippine Fashion Week, designer Nardie Presa showcases a collection that is very much true to his aesthetics of pairing simplistic lines with a gentle touch of modern elegance. Naming his collection “Rhapsody of Hue,” Nardie creates pieces

Pat Santos Spring/summer 2015

Dive into a world of color with Pat Santos' latest collection.
Nothing rings in spring time like a bevy of flirty pastel hues. For his latest collection, Pat Santos dives into a spectrum of tones and shades with “The Mythology of Color.” Painlessly elegant yet full of meticulous and intricate details, his womenswear

Phfw Spring/summer 2015: Day 3

See who showed up dressed to impress on the last day of Philippine Fashion Week.
If you think today’s just like any other lazy Sunday, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the last day of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 and all stylish attendees made sure they’re closing this major fashion gathering with a bang. We’re still

Cherry Samuya Veric Spring/summer 2015

Learn a thing or two on understated elegance from Cherry Samuya Veric's latest collection.
“Svelte” is a word of French origin which means slender and elegant. This word also happens to be the name of Cherry Smauya Veric’s latest collection which demonstrates his signature high octane take on classic shapes and silhouettes. Choosing a palette of

Arnold Galang Spring/summer 2015

Arnold Galang pays it forward by creating fashion for a notable cause.
More than his fresh and easy to wear pieces, Arnold Galang is known for the cause behind his creations. This season, he continues to push the envelope with a ready-to-wear line that is dedicated to the Peace Commission. Effortlessly chic and very

Human Spring/summer 2015

Live on the edge with Human's funky new collection.
Another forefront in Philippine retail kicks off Spring/Summer 2015 with a its newwest collection making runway rounds on the last day of Phillipine Fashion Week. Offering a modern selection of clothes, Human redefines the classic closet staples and brings an edgy spin

Kashieca Spring/summer 2015

Discover the dainty surprises in store for you in Kashieca's new collection.
For the last day of Philippine Fashion Week, Kashieca joins the ranks of international retailers to showcase its Spring/Summer collection. Known for its classic style, the brand sticks to clean lines and tailored cuts this season with its signature dainty twist that's

Phfw Spring/summer 2015: Day 2

See who showed up dressed to impress on the second day of Philippine Fashion Week.
It’s the second day of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 and the fun has just begun. This fashion extravaganza has the metro’s fashionphiles flocking altogether, and as you know, there’s no way our style cam will miss it. Click on the gallery