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Flowy Silhouettes, Bows and Ruffles Stole the Show at PMFF Day 4

Make sure to take style notes from this Preview-exclusive re-run!
Top Filipino fashion creatives got to work with Japan's number one premium fabric company Stylem in bringing their designs to life during Day 4 of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2022. With flowy silhouettes, oversized bows, and an overflow of ruffles, the PMFF x Stylem Collection promises to

Texture and Fabric Play Take Center Stage in PMFF Day 3

Catch your Preview-exclusive re-run of Day 3 here!
Here's an open secret: Fabric choice will determine how well a sketch translates to an actual garment. The fashion designers of Day 3 of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival were masters of textile.  Nothing says luxe more than the buttery soft cascade of fabrics that subtly

Color Blocking, Contrasting Fabrics, and Cutouts Dominate PMFF 2021

We're firmly in the age of the structural and the sheer.
Just last week, the 12th season of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival took place, showcasing the distinct talent of 23 local designers. Here, we investigate the trends that dominated the runway. Take a look. We live in a prismatic world, and these designers

Fun Takes on Classic Silhouettes Were Everywhere at PMFF Day 4

Traditional, but never boring.
The fourth day of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2019 was the last, yes, but it certainly wasn't the least. Here, spy snippets of all the designers who showed their fresh, fun takes on timeless threads.It’s a mod, mod world, says Edgar Buyan,

Texture and Architectural Pieces Reigned Supreme At PMFF Day 2

Check out all the designers who showed!
Welcome to the second day of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2019, where generous, wholly sensory texture and ambitious architectural shapes took center stage. Check out all the designers who showed, here!Renan Pacson's freshest designs for Arin? Elevated basics boasting interesting touches. We're particularly

Fun Prints and Luxe Monochromatic Looks Ruled At PMFF Day 1

Check out our top picks, too!
Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest is back with a brand new season! If you're looking for the latest trends to try or simply in need of some fashion inspo, then take a look at all the collections below!Yong Davalos opened the show with

We’ve Found Your New Go-to Brand for Sophisticated Eveningwear

Check out designer Emi Englis’ glittering lineup of frocks for PMFF Season 10.
In our fashion landscape, many brands churn out clothes that are very much on-trend, and there’s no harm in that. However, we’re pretty sure you crave for classic styles from time to time. Look no further, here’s a collection to save you

We’ve Found the Best Collection for the Rainy Months Ahead

Aztec Barba’s oriental hippie collection is a chilly summer confection.
With the summer heat still on and the rainy season upon us, it may be difficult to find just the right outfits to transition from one season to the next. Lo and behold, Aztec Barba’s collection for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

Here’s an Impactful New Way to Wear Spring Florals

Local designer Windel Mira does colorful, understated spring glamour.
“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestly may be the most iconic fictional fashion authority ever to grace the movies, but Windel Mira defies her statement. The designer proved during his presentation at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival that florals for spring can

This Collection is All About the Sensuality of Conservative Dressing

Ministry of Silk redefines seductive through simple silhouettes and straight cuts.
When the words ‘sensuality’ or ‘femininity’ come up, some sartorial images would probably include skin-baring outfits that expose the decolletage (and maybe more) or high-slit skirts that give us “legs for days.” However, Ministry of Silk’s presentation at the Panasonic Manila Fashion

Give Life to Your Black & White Outfits with This Cool Collection

Veejay Floresca presented shapely pieces that make black and white larger than life.
There’s a reason why black and white ensembles are deemed wardrobe staples: they’re easy to mix and match, and they’re always pleasing to the eye. If you think that black and white are a tad bit boring, well, think again. Veejay Floresca

The Many Modern Ways You Can Wear Local Fabric

Egay Ayag masterfully layered various textiles for a polished, proudly Filipino look.
Oftentimes, we see Philippine textiles rendered as sunny ensembles fit for our hot climate. Rarely do we see these proudly local fabrics styled in layers and mixed with leather! This rare species is what Egay Ayag brought to the table during her

Old Hollywood Gets a Revival Through This Urban Collection

We love how Bessie Besana embraced the nostalgic in a cosmopolitan way.
Think that Old Hollywood is a blasé sartorial reference? Well, we think that it’s all a matter of execution—and Bessie Besana did it well in her Fall/Winter 2019 presentation at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival.She proved that the retro theme remains relevant

This Brand’s Future-Ready Collection References Previous Fashion Decades

Local brand Billy says that to be fashion-forward means to take a few steps back.
Nowadays, the battle of the brands seems to be about “the bolder the better.” Brands tend to distill all their energies into creating the next big disruptive thing, and this goes for minimalists and maximalists alike. However, Billy goes the opposite direction

Matteo Guidicelli, Ella Pangilinan Walk the Runway in Distressed Denim and More

Avel Bacudio and Matteo Guidicelli’s jean collaboration graces PMFF 2019.
In case you missed it, fashion designer Avel Bacudio teamed up with actor and triathlete Matteo Guidicelli to design a jean collection. Avel x Matteo 2020 was featured at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival where ripped jeans were sported by every model on

This Splashy Menswear Collection Defies the Urban Uniform

Gable and Grant inject carefree American spirit in their recent PMFF 2019 collection.
In fashion, where trends reign supreme, it’s unavoidable for people to start dressing like one another. Even for menswear, outfits in the metro nowadays have become a kind of uniform, thus reducing fashion as something cookie-cutter. However, Gable and Grant wishes to

We’ve Found the Perfect Collection to Take You from the Beach to the City

Stylia’s classic summery confections are your new year-round go-tos.
Ever think that the globetrotter feel of international cruise collections is from your reach? Well, it seems like Stylia might have had this in mind in creating their collection for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. The brand captures the traveler within our

This Designer Defines Streetwear with a Fiery, Punchy Collection

The designer mixes battle-ready silhouettes and unexpected details for a new look.
Kaye Morales does it again. For this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the designer was able to prove that streetwear can always be redefined. And her latest collection suggests that streetwear could be more than just the usual binary of rebellious or

This Collection is Proof That Grunge Isn’t Dead

Mark Tamayo’s MFF 2019 collection shows how you can sport the ‘90s in a current way.
With the comeback of ‘80s fashion in today’s runway trends, do the ‘90s still have a place in our wardrobes? Mark Tamayo makes a case for it. In this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival presentation, the designer showcased an obviously ‘90s inspired