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Stylish OOTDs You Can Easily Achieve with Your Pambahay

Keep your pambahay (and IG) game strong.
Even if you're just at home, dressing up (and even putting on makeup) can make you feel better and add some sense of normalcy to your routines. But it's also okay to just stay in your pambahay because they make you feel

LOTD: Bea Alonzo’s All-White Ensemble

Here’s how to dress in head-to-toe white.
Dressing in white is probably one risky move. If you pick out a too loose-fitting item, you could look like a ghost. If you mismatch items, sprucing up in white can age you more than necessary. But with the right details and

How to Get Your Non-Photographer Buddy to Shoot Your Travel OOTDs

Instagram boyfriends and friends alike, take note.
Documentation is a vacation requisite. It’s a rule that does not choose its location—be it a secluded island, a trip around Europe, or a countryside village in Asia. Weaving a creative travel diary as you make your journey is not even meant

Andi Eigenmann, Kiana Valenciano, and More at Wanderland 2016

So here’s what you might have missed last weekend.
There were zero flower crowns in sight at Wanderland 2016. (Okay fine, I exaggerate. Maybe there were 8 or less that I spotted.) I guess it’s safe to say that that festival trend has officially died down. Finally! But what we did

What to Wear Out When You Don't Want to Wear Heels

Who says you have to choose between comfort and style?
The lower one feels, the higher the heel. It’s a motto that has not only governed the outfit choices of fashion girls everywhere, but also developed their emotional well-being. While we love stepping out in our vertiginous stilettos, it can get pretty

5 Bloggers Who Rocked the City Beach Look This Week

The Man Repeller, the Blonde Salad and more.
Below, see who made it to our weekly Top Blogger #OOTDs.LEANDRA MEDINE of MAN REPELLERAlways a personal fave, Leandra makes the case for off shoulder tops, oversized board shorts, and the bandana ankle bracelet.LAUREEN UY of BREAK MY STYLEThe thing about the button-down-and-shorts

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: December 13 To 19, 2014

These stars are all dressed to kill.
The bloggersphere was oozing with sartorial inspiration this week, but even the local and international celebrities are proving themselves unstoppable in the fashion department as 2015 approaches. Like what we've said, we'll be wrapping up the year with our list of the

A Lesson In Restraint From This Week's Roster Of Blogger #ootds

The golden rule is to keep it simple.
Putting together a great outfit doesn’t always equal to a pile of “stylish” pieces. Sometimes, if not most, one standout item is enough to pull together a complete look. As Coco Chanel once said, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: November 29 To December 5, 2014

It's a battle between skirts and pants. Which closet staple has more star quality?
The stars manage to look amazing in whatever outfit they're wearing (or at least most of the time). This week, however, the celebrities' style equation seems to have been dominated by two opposing elements in particular. We're seeing a battle brewing between

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: November 22 To 28, 2014

Find out who among the stars have bedazzled us this week.
It's always a lot of fun virtually stalking the fashionable local and Hollywood celebs. No matter what part of the globe they're in, these ladies never fail to satisfy our sartorial cravings. So for this week, we've rounded up double-tap worthy looks

7 Stylephiles You See On Instagram

So, who will you double tap for?
It seems like everybody owns a camera phone. With a camera phone, it’s so easy to document your lives…even if it means taking snapshots of your most mundane activities. And yes, we know you’re taking secret selfies, too! But when you’re able

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: November 8 To 14, 2014

Check out how the stars are showing off their individual street styles this week.
Style inspiration is everywhere. And when we say everywhere, that includes Instagram accounts of local and international celebrities who we simply enjoy virtually stalking week after week. Speaking of stalking, we can't help but notice that during the past seven days, these

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: November 1 To 7, 2014

These stars have found the perfect accessory to match their outfits.
While our top bloggers from all over the world wide web are giving it their best shot to keep up with the style game, you don't think the celebrities will just sit down and watch, do you? We're feeling love in the

Top Celebrity #ootds Of Halloween 2014

See who went all out to get their fair share of treats on all hallow's eve.
As Cady Heron once said, “the hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” While that may be true to a certain extent, we were happy to see the turnout of celebs who went all out in the costume