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8 Outfits That Will Convince You to Wear Cut-Outs

They make everything look so cool!
For as long as we’re living in the tropics, dressing in heat-friendly pieces will always be a thing, and so is our journey to finding new ways to wear them. Our closet is already stacked with your tropical classics like linen selections,

10 Ways to Wear an All-Black OOTD, According to Rei Germar

Take your cues from this pro.
When you’re in for a fully packed day that’s scheduled with back-to-back appointments, there’s one type of outfit you can always rely on: an all-black look. It’s super versatile in how it can take you from day to night, all while making

6 Chic Ways to Wear Vests for Any Occasion and Where to Shop Them

Need a more heat-friendly alternative to the sweater vest?
The humble vest has been climbing up the style stratosphere in the past months, starting with the rise of those comfy sweater vests that took over our social media feeds. The latest iteration is on the polished side, with a silhouette that’s

12 Fun, Colorful Outfits to Inspire Your OOTDs This Summer

Look as vibrant as the sun with these looks!
The colors we wear have a way of indicating what season we're in. Muted, neutral tones often signal the rainy months (winter, in other parts of the world), and vibrant, colorful hues are usually associated with summer. With the latter upon us,

11 Chic and Dainty Work OOTD Ideas for Your Next Office Day

Ready to go back to the office?
After numerous lockdowns and quarantines, pre-pandemic routines are making their return. This means we're likely to spend more early mornings getting ready to go to the office. If months spent at working from home have made us realize anything, it’s that we’ve

12 Cozy Yet Stylish OOTDs You'd Love to Wear on Your Next Flight

Be the best dressed passenger on the plane!
After what seemed like forever, the world is slowly but surely opening up again. Two years later and it's finally time to dust off your luggages and to book those trips you've been daydreaming of! We mean, after being cooped up at

8 Fun and Sophisticated Ways to Wear Coords, As Seen on Jaz Reyes

Glean power suit ideas from the stylish content creator!
Got nothing to wear? Take a page off content creator Jaz Reyes' style book and invest in chic coords! The structured set can take you from day to night, from casual hangouts to more formal affairs, with minimum swapping of layers and

10 All-Black Outfit Ideas to Nail That Dark "Monochrome Core" Aesthetic

The dark side is strong with this trend.
If you’ve been sucked into the world of OOTD Reels on Instagram, you’ve most likely come across the all-black outfit trend that's going viral on the platform. Plainly referred to as “monochrome core,” this aeshetic isn’t just about wearing head-to-toe black. Distinct

10 Locally-Designed Cool Girl Outfits, As Seen on Isabel Santos

She will definitely make you want to shop local!
Artists carry within them a distinct eye for detail that sets them apart from us. Their ability to translate how they see the world into never before seen visual masterpieces is truly an impressive feat—whatever medium they deem fit. Suffice it to