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Vsa 2013 Nominees: Online Reporter

We present the nominees for Online Reporter via numbers!
When it comes to pop culture and anything new on the market, we all have our own list of trusty sites to credit as our source. From new store openings, new product discoveries, sale alerts, and anything in between, here are the

Vsa Nominees 2013: Online Portfolio

Get to know this creative bunch of people through their online presence in numbers.
Portfolios are crucial and in this digital day and age, having it online means being more recognizable and searchable. We put the spotlight on five nominees with the best online presence when it comes to their online portfolios. We feature design collective,

Vsa 2013 Nominees: Photographers

Get to know the important numbers in the lives of our five nominees.
From shutterbugs to professional photographers, these talented individuals let us see the world through their eyes and well, lenses. Whether they're shooting editorials, covering concerts, profiling people, or documenting their adventures, Joseph Pascual, Carla Barretto, Edric Chen, Hannah Reyes, An and En

Vsa 2013 Nominees: Twitter Microblogger

We present the nominees for Twitter Microblogger via numbers!
Some people take at least 500 words to get their message across, and there are those who can say it in 160 words (or even less!) and make a huge impact, nonetheless. Enter, social media—where even the President of the United States is

Vsa 2013 Nominees: Celebrity Site

We introduce the Celebrity Site nominees via numbers!
The third batch of nominees are standouts in running their own Celebrity Sites. Get to know Divine Lee, Patty Laurel-Filart, Daphne Oseña-Paez, Saab Magalona, and Victor Basa through the important numbers in their online lives. With entries that are not limited to

Vsa 2013 Nominees: Instagram Microblogger

Get to know the nominees for Instagram Microblogger via numbers!
We have finally narrowed down our nominees for the very first Virtual Style Awards 2013! Out of the nine categories, we present the first batch of the nominees for Instagram Microblogger.First off is Kim Jones who loves to post about her trips to